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Freezer Food Fest #5

Posted by Caveman Cooking on January 3, 2010

It’s official! We’re moving!! So, I have been given a “request” by the Cavewoman to empty the freezer before we hit the road. The pressure is on!

So, after my horror filled journey into the nether regions of the ice box in Freezer Food Fest #4, I just had to find something good for this installment. Or, at the very least, something edible! I didn’t have to search far to achieve both goals … Barbequed Tri-tip that had been marinated in Teriyamic Marinade. I had just made it a week or so ago, but had to freeze the leftovers when I realized they wouldn’t have a chance to be eaten before turning to the “darkside”. Now, though, I figured it would make great sandwiches! I threw the zip-lock bag into the fridge and gave it 24 hours to defrost.
Skip ahead to lunchtime today. I asked who would be up for a Tri-tip sammy, but six year-old Caveboy was adamant about his dire “need” for a Peanut Butter sandwich, no jelly. But, 4 year-old Cavegirl, the more gastronomically adventurous of the two, was pumped about the prospect of Freezer Food Fest Tri-tip. Much like her dad, she is a true American … we will eat anything as long as it is between two pieces of bread! 😉
However, plain mayo or mustard just wasn’t sounding like the right condiment for these puppies. Something needed to be tweeked … hmmmmmm. A quick perusal of the spice cabinet brought the answer: Chipotle Mayonnaise! Fast, easy, and gooooooood! Just grabbed the bottle of World Spice Merchants Chipotle Chili Powder and added a full 1/4 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of mayo and did a brisk whisk … BOOM! Mayo done!!
Sliced a couple of bakery fresh sandwich rolls open, slathered on the spiced up mayo, and served them with some Harvest Cheddar SunChips. I took that first bite and was immediately pleased by the flavor combinations … delicious! Cavegirl, who is usually the last one to finish her meal, was the first one done. I guess she liked it, too. Even the Caveboy was intrigued and asked for a bite. He ended up being quite bummed he opted for PB, no J.
I’m just glad we were able to get something good out of the freezer this time. I was beginning to worry that we might already have found all that was edible in that ice-cold encasement. Things are looking up, though. When I found the Tri-tip, I also found some bacon! Breakfast is going to rock tomorrow!! 🙂

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  3. Rebecca said

    looks wonderful great sandwich I think your having fun emptying the freezer!

  4. fantastic….it´s look great…congratulations….

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