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Freezer Food Fest #8 & #9

Posted by Caveman Cooking on January 11, 2010

It’s official! We’re moving!! So, I have been given a “request” by the Cavewoman to empty the freezer before we hit the road. The pressure is on!

Freezer Food Fest #8

Some folks may call this cheating. I call it full disclosure. I was forced, by overwhelming Cave-family demand, to use the same recipe on two consecutive editions of Freezer Food Fest. That’s right! The Garlic Shrimp in Creamy Tomato Sauce used on the Florentyna’s linguini in F3 #8 was such a hit, it was brought out for an encore performance in the 9th installment on some of their Ravioli. The family even wanted a do-over of the Sauteed Yellow Squash that went so well next to the Black Linguini.
I admit it, I “caved” under the pressure. But, who am I to deny my family their deepest desires. Besides, shrimp and yellow squash were on major sale at our local Vons. 😉 So, just two nights removed from one version of this meal, we went for another go of it. Though, I just had to throw in a twist. Instead of the linguini from our first rendition, I went with a pair of Ravioli choices: Black & White Striped Lobster Ravioli and some Portobello Mushroom Raviloli.

Freezer Food Fest #9

At first, the Cavekids were a bit uncertain about the shroom version. However, after their hesitant beginnings, they were mowing them down almost as fast at the Lobster filled versions they were annihilating like a fryer chicken in a Piranha tank.
While I was quite pleased about their love for this dish, it was their reaction to the squash that has blown me away. The Cavegirl was heard to say, “I looooooove squash!”. Caveboy was too busy chewing to say anything intelligible.
I guess I kind of killed two proverbial birds with one stone here. Two different pasta genres with the same gravy. I am not aware of any Freezer Food Fest rules that prevent me from using the same recipe on more than one dish. I wasn’t cheating, being lazy (though, that is my nature ;)), or forcing my family into a redux. Just responding to popular demand, and happy to be taking two more steps in this icy odyssey.

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4 Responses to “Freezer Food Fest #8 & #9”

  1. Shirley said

    Great to hear that about the kids asking for more(every parent’s dream!). And after all we all cook for our families. Good going caveman! A happy cave family maketh a happy caveman!

  2. boredcook said

    Never underestimate the palates of young children. I have been there with my kids, and then they amaze me with what they will eat. For example; my oldest loves my homemade mac and cheese. My two youngest won’t touch it, because it’s not bright orange and does not come out of a box with a powdered cheese substance. Each of my kids has these weird quirks about some of the simpilest foods, yet they will eat things that make me scratch my head. Like fish, clams, fried calamari, venison, etc. Give ’em a good version of mac and cheese though and they turn their noses up and won’t touch it?

    BTW, my 3 year old daugther LOVES squash. At least once a week I have to bake an entire butternut squash for her alone. My other kids won’t touch it. Go figure. I guess I should post my recipe for it, ya think?

    • It’s funny, Pam. A year or so ago, they were very picky eaters who would only eat one or two things. But, since then, they have really expanded their personal menus and astound me with some of what they will now gladly devour.
      BTW, I’d love to see that squash recipe. 😉

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