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Sauteed Shrooms

Posted by Caveman Cooking on January 14, 2010

An extremely easy dish to make that gives some serious panache to any steak. Great as a side dish to just about anything else, too!


1/2 Pound Baby Bella Mushrooms (Common or Button may be substituted, but the Bellas rock!)
1/4 Red Onion
2-3 Cloves Garlic
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
2-3 Tbsp. Red Wine
Salt & Pepper to tatse


Lightly scrub mushrooms with a clean, damp, soap-free sponge. Set aside to air dry.
HINT #1: Don’t rinse your shrooms under running water. They soak it up like a pancake in syrup.

Mince garlic, and cut onions into 1-2″ long 1/4″ strips. Set aside. Trim mushroom stems, about 1/8″. Then, slice mushrooms into thirds.

This is one of those rare recipes where I don’t pre-heat my oil and quick saute the garlic and/or onions. I just spread the shrooms, onions and garlic evenly in a non-stick skillet; drizzle the olive oil over everything; salt and pepper to taste; and put the pan over a medium-high flame. It just seems to work better this way. If pan gets too dry just add another tablespoon of oil.
HINT #2: If using a traditional pan, double the amount of oil.

Saute for 3-5 minutes, until onions become translucent and mushrooms just start to look cooked. Add red wine and reduce for another minute or two.
HINT #3: This recipe goes well with any steak, but excels with cuts like a filet that don’t have much marbling. For the fattier cuts like Rib-eye, substitute a shot of cognac for the wine and flambe your shrooms (ie. flame those puppies!). Careful, though, not to burn down the kitchen!

Serve with your favorite steak. Also goes great with a Beer Can Chicken, Cornish Game Hen, Venison, London Broil, etc.

Prep Time = 12 minutes
Cook Time = 5-7 minutes
Serves 4-6

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

25 Responses to “Sauteed Shrooms”

  1. Marina said

    One of my favorite side dishes!

  2. sauteed mushrooms are the best. your recipe sounds really tasty. usually i add butter to my mushrooms, but maybe to be healthier, i should lay off the butter.

    • Thank you, Krissy! Of course, everything tastes good when cooked in or with butter. But, this recipe is so tasty, I don’t think you’ll miss it. And, yes, it is much healthier!

  3. April said

    I’m sure this would go great with a lot of things!

  4. I agree with you, I tried with chicken paprika and I loved it more than the chicken. They were sautéed in butter then though.

  5. Zee said

    I absolutely love mushrooms. I have to admit I will be tempted to use butter, one of the rarer times where I prefer butter.

    • I used to be hooked on doing them in butter, too, Zee. But, this recipe really excels with the O-oil. It actually compliments the flavor palate perfectly. That said, you can never go wrong with butter. 😉

  6. claudia said

    Love that you just use the oil and the addition of red wine. I could have these with my eggs this morning.

  7. sweetlife said

    Oh great side, we all love this around my house, ya and with steak –awesome!!

  8. Oh, wow. Just give me a perfectly cooked ribeye and a mound of these ‘shrooms and I’m a happy, happy girl.

    • Thanks, Lana! It’s amazing how after taking a bite of these shrooms and a well prepared steak how you just sit back and feel good about everything. Works better than a “happy pill”! 😉 😆
      The steak that went with this dish will be posted shortly.
      BTW, I love the name of your site!

  9. The mushrooms are excellent!

  10. I love mushrooms, usually we go out in the woods every year to mushroom hunting this year I was to lazy so I don’t have any frozen. But mushrooms are great with many dishes. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Kat said

    I love mushrooms. I could eat this as a main dish!

  12. Mathea said

    Red onions… mushrooms…. STEAK. Happy. {this recipes makes me talk like Homer} Love it.

  13. Oriana said

    wow! and thank you so much for your note, it is extremely useful I never understood the difference!

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