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Freezer Food Fest #11

Posted by Caveman Cooking on January 25, 2010

It’s official! We’re moving!! So, I have been given a “request” by the Cavewoman to empty the freezer before we hit the road. The pressure is on!

After being down for the count for nearly a week with a nice little bug passed on from one of my walking petri dishes, also known as my daughter, I was itchin’ to get back in the kitchen. Plus, I was long overdue for making another dent in this icy odyssey that only has a few weeks to go. As I was digging through the freezer, I found something I had bought for my Veggie wife to try after her obvious pangs of jealousy over not being able to indulge the last time I made my Easy Chicken Parm. Though, as I pulled it from it’s chilly sanctuary, I realized I had bought the wrong variety. Instead of the plain original MorningStar Chik Patties I had inadvertently picked up the Parmesan Ranch. I was afraid they might be too seasoned … But, these would have to do.
I whipped up a batch of Italian Sauce, dressed up the chicken breasts for the Parm, and got ready to prepare the faux-chicken using the “Oven Method” described on the box. My plan was to get them ready to get sauced and cheesed when I did the same to the real chicken the Cavekids and I would be eating. Surprisingly, everything went perfectly! About 5 minutes after completing the last steps I pulled it all out of the oven, served it all up with some spaghetti, and a nice salad the Cavewoman put together.

Vegetarian Chicken Parm

As usual, the short-people devoured their plates with the sounds of chewing being almost the only thing audible from their sauce-covered faces. The best sound, however, was my wife getting her first taste of Chicken Parm since before her 12th birthday and absolutely loving it. Though, after several bites she did note that the Parmesan Ranch Chik Patties were a bit salty. Ahhhhhh … bummer! My purchasing faux pas had ended up coming back to haunt me after all. I was quickly heartened, though, when my wife said she’d be eager to try it again with the original version of the product. She still somehow managed to “muddle” her way through the salty version.
Regardless, we all had a great dinner together (the first time this week we all sat together for dinner), and I was able to score another notch in my ice pick. Best of all, I also managed to make a couple extra “real” chicken breasts that will be perfect for leftover Chicken Parm Sandwiches. Guess what I’m having for lunch today?!?! 😉

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9 Responses to “Freezer Food Fest #11”

  1. looking good I’m not into veggie meat though. Glad to hear that you are back at it.

  2. sweetlife said

    Glad your feeling better, I have eaten those before and they are a bit salty-I’m sure cavewomen will like the original version.

  3. SharleneT said

    A man’s gotto do what a man’s gotta do! At least, you’ll have variety. When my freezer broke, I was out of town on business, so my daughter offered to take care of the problem. She cooked every package in the freezer. Wrapped each individually in tinfoil and put them in the oven at 350F. No flavoring, no cleaning, no . . . well, no . . . if you get what I mean. BUT, the food was cooked.

  4. boredcook said

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    I’m not a “veggie” myself, but I did once order a vegetarian burger at a restaurant once. I have to say, it was actually deliscious!

  5. I like the idea of veggie chicken parmesan, love the cheesy topping!

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