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Cave Under Construction

Posted by Caveman Cooking on February 25, 2010

Cave Under ConstructionBefore I dive into this post any further, I just want to thank everyone for the words, thoughts and prayers of comfort and encouragement the past few days. The impending loss of my father, though a blessing on many levels, had been difficult for me to fully accept. With your help and support, however, I am coping much better and see that sometimes a loss can actually be a sort of “gain”.
Another thing that has helped has been preparing the new cave for our move … now just one week away. Spending every waking moment trying to get the place ready has distracted me from the emotional rollercoaster that I have been given a front-seat ticket for.
Today, the granite guys arrived and began tearing the kitchen apart and installing the new counter tops. I left before they finished their day, but I know they’ll be back tomorrow to take care of the bathrooms. What amazes me is that they will be doing our whole house (kitchen and 2.5 bathrooms) for less than what I expected to pay for just the kitchen! In fact, I am so impressed with their selection and prices that I am going to be selling their wares on the side. Anyone in So Cal need/want new counter tops??? 😉 Actually, I’ve already made two sales based just on what I was able to get from these guys … yeah, it’s that good of a deal!
Obviously, time is at a premium right now. So, for the next week or so, my postings here will be sparse at best. I hope you’ll understand and check back to see if I’ve freed myself long enough to get something tasty up on here. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Cavewoman’s Flickr photostream to see visual updates of what’s going on at our new home. The tenting pictures are kind of cool, and the granite install process is definitely worth a look. If you don’t have time to browse through all the pics, no worries. I’ll be posting before and after pics of all the major work we have to do, once it is all completed.
Thank you again for the love and friendship. I feel genuinely blessed and fortunate.

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14 Responses to “Cave Under Construction”

  1. NEW COUNTERSPACE… Dare to dream

  2. Chris said

    I see that you aren’t taking your new kitchen for “granite”! (ha ha, sorry, trying to be punny).

    Congrats on the new space!

  3. JeffR said

    That’s so sad about your father, I feel your pain. I read once that only 10% of your life consists of what happens to you. The other 90% is how you react to it. It’s great to see you taking the latter perspective, and of course, taking comfort in your renovations 🙂

    • Thanks, Jeff. I have spent much of the week trying to put it all in perspective. Even though my dad has miraculously improved for the short term, the writing is definitely on the wall. I hope to be a little better prepared the next tim I get that call.

  4. sweetlife said

    Great so many changes to the new house!! Awesome!!


  5. boredcook said

    The house looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see the transformation of your kitchen. I’m glad it’s you. My husband has worked in construction all of his life so I have spent our entire 17 married years together always living through some sort of project. At least you guys are getting it done before you move in!

    • Thanks, Pam. We learned our lesson with the house we are leaving. The “outside” projects all got done, but the “inside” ones got put on the back burner … and that burner never got turned on! 😉 So, instead, I’m running around like a banshee trying to get it all done in two weeks time. So far, so good, though … keep the fingers crossed. 😮

  6. Moving as well-you have my sympathies and understanding. Chat at ya soon,

  7. Kathleen said

    I am so sorry to hear about your father. Hope he is peaceful and not in pain.

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