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Slowly But (Stop Calling Me) Surely!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on March 11, 2010

New StudioWe have moved. However, we are far from done moving! It took three days to get everything to the new cave. Painters are still here, and will be for at least a few more days. We still have a pile of boxes that rival the Sears Tower. And, I have yet to have a moment to cook anything in our new kitchen. BUT … my recording booth is done! WOO HOOO!!
Hoping to get enough done by the end of the weekend that we can get back to more of a “normal” life, and to start blogging a bit more regularly here, once again. Thanks for all your support and patience. It won’t be long now … hopefully! 😉

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8 Responses to “Slowly But (Stop Calling Me) Surely!”

  1. Chris said

    Is that an alcove under the stairs?

    • Hey, Chris. It is actually a small walk-in closet in a second floor bedroom. The ceiling is slanted because of the roof design at that part of the house. The weird shape of the room actually makes it ideal for a vocal booth.

  2. It’s all progress. After all of my moves I’ve learned never to unpack that last box. As soon as you do…you’ll move again. But you’ve got to christen that new kitchen. 🙂

    • So true, Pammie! In fact, the Cavewoman and I have discovered so many gems that were tucked away during our last move 5 years ago. But, we are learning to downsize and have decided to either move, or pretend to move, in another five years so we can weed out all the stuff we really don’t need, again. 😉

  3. sweetlife said

    wow great room..


  4. Glinda said

    Mark, THANK YOU so much for posting this! My husband is a musician and we are planning on putting a new studio in when we remodel. We were trying to come up with a solution for a vocal booth and yours has really inspired us with some possible ideas!

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