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Big Day

Posted by Caveman Cooking on April 30, 2010

Whether you call it the end of my first half-century, the 20th anniversary of my 30th birthday, or the culmination of my journey to AARPhood, today was a big day. Yes, my 50th! … 😯 It doesn’t seem possible. I feel like I’m about 30. I’m told I look about 40 (I think they may just be sucking up, though ;)). And, my kids are far too young for me to be 50! How has this happened???
Well, despite the complete shock of my chronological age, I really had a great day. It started with an early morning jaunt to Caveboy’s school for the Friday assembly where he received the most coveted award the school gives to it’s students: The Star Student Award. Considering he has only been attending the school for 2 months, it was a very pleasant surprise to have his hard work recognized. Not sure who was prouder, him or his folks. But, I couldn’t have asked for a better B-day present.
Caveboy Gets Start Student Award

Afterwards, I ran a few errands and took care of some business. Then, I headed over to Westlake to do a few hours of Bass fishing. There, I was met by a fishing buddy named Mark “Chief” Torrez, a Pro Bass angler and a really nice guy. It was a gorgeous day, but the fish weren’t in a totally playful mood. Still, I was able to land four fish, the largest pushing 4 pounds, and had a much larger one snap my line on the dock he was hiding under. Most of all, I had a great time getting my line wet with the Chief.
Cave's Catches

Chief lost a couple of big fish before he could land them, but he did score the first buzzbait fish of the season. All our fish were quickly and safely released.
Chief's Fish

Afterwards, I headed home and, as I walked in the door, I was greeted with streamers, balloons and myriad other decorations, accompanied by screams of “Surprise!” from the Caveclan. There were hand-made cards, gifts, pin the tail on the donkey, Popcornopolis Caramel Corn, and homemade Caprese Bruschetta. It was an absolute blast!
Birthday Bash

We then loaded up the van (Yes, we have a van. I dare you to have two little kids without one! :lol:) and headed over to Sushi Yusho for a raw fish feast. Well, for me, at least. The herbivore Cavewoman got her usual Veggie Tempura roll with avocado and Cavegirl went for the Chicken Teriyaki. Caveboy, however, decided to try some sushi for the first time! Unfortunately, most of it didn’t go over well. Though, he did like the Shrimp a lot and he helped his sister finish off what was a huge portion of chicken for a kids plate. My order included Hamachi (Yellowtail), Spicy Scallops, Uni (Sea Urchin roe), and one of their proprietary rolls called the What? Roll (Crab, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado and a special sauce). No, I didn’t bring the camera … Knucklehead that I am!
Before heading home we decided we had to get in on a sure thing … the Lottery. The MegaMillions was up to $224 Million! I was having a stellar day!! And, it was my birthday!!! How could we lose?!? 😆 So, we “invested” a few dollars, and then went back to the new cave to round out the big day with some Cavewoman-made birthday cake and some lotto results.
Of course, on our way home, we discussed how we were going to use our soon-to-be-found wealth. College educations were paid for, we weren’t going to move again, and my life dream of competing on the Pro Bass tour was in the works.
Birthday Cake

The cake is two-toned because the Cavekids aren’t fans of German Chocolate cake (my fave), but love the traditional type. I must say, that the cake decoration was the only “You are older than dirt” connotation that they pulled on me today. No Senior Golf Tour or food-gumming jokes! I truly appreciate being let off the hook when I could have been ridden hard all day about qualifying for Senior Discounts.
As allowed by my rights as the birthday boy, I made a wish, blew out the candles, and scarfed the first slice of cake. It was gooooooooood! Just as we finished up the last crumbs, the MegaMillions drawing came on the TV! And, the numbers started popping up. The excitement and tension was palpable.
Lotto Results

Despite the stellar day. Despite the milestone birthday. Despite all our great plans for our new-gotten booty, our numbers didn’t come up. Amazing, huh?!? In fact, out of all our entries, we got just one number. But, it didn’t put a dampener on the day, the party or the fun of the first day of my 2nd half-century.
By the way, I have decided that birthdays should only be counted in 50 year segments. So, next year, I will be 1 year old and will continue to count until the next 50 are complete. I know this is a new, novel and unconventional approach to logging our ages. But, something tells me there might be great support out there for this idea. 🙂

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31 Responses to “Big Day”

  1. Kate said

    Happy Birthday! And kudos to Caveboy for the Star Student Award… and for at least trying sushi!

  2. as one 50 year old (actually, 53, but who’s counting)… welcome to the club!

    And now, your doctor will add prostate exam every year to your must do physical.

    And he won’t even buy you dinner

  3. Happy Birthday,
    Remember, it’s the miles not the years:-)

  4. Happy Birthday, and congrats to Caveboy!
    I like your idea how to count the next 50 years. I’m 4.

  5. Cleo Coyle said

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAVEMAN!!! And sweet congrats to Caveboy for his student award. What a lovely and spirited cave family. (Looks like you had a darn fine and well-deserved celebration.) Cheers! 🙂


  6. Karl said

    Congrats! And, LOL! You dissed AARP?! Now that you’ve passed THE milestone, they’ll be sending you junk mail regularly! I know, ’cause I was there a few years ago! 😀

  7. Happy Birthday!! I’m not far behind you, mine is in three weeks, I’m happy to say. I’m so glad you enjoyed the big day. There’s no better way to celebrate than with family!

    • Happy almost B-day, Momma Rim! It really is what we make of it. We made it about family and it really was so special. Just got back from sharing the B-day weekend with Cavemom and an adults-only night at Agua Caliente Resort. I’ll be posting up that part of the story tomorrow (well … the printable parts, that is!). It’s just been a really amazing few days.

  8. Penelope said

    Hey Birthday Boy!!! Yippee! Join the club! This half will be just as good if not better than the first half.
    Happy! Happy! Birthday friend,
    Wishing you many more

  9. Drick said

    hey, AARP has been sending me the stuff since I turned 42 …. HAPPY B’DAY MAN … great looking pair of cave dwellers, must be real proud – oh, and I am 2

  10. Reeni said

    Happy Belated Birthday Caveman! Congrats to your Caveboy on his award! And for being so brave to eat sushi. Sounds like you had a busy and stellar birthday!

    • It was a blast, Reeni! Thanks!!
      It’s fun watching him go from a hamburger or chicken nuggets-only kind of kid into a more adventurous eater. Especially fun is the look on his face when he finds something new that he loves.

  11. Happy Birthday and your kids are adorable!

  12. boredcook said

    Well, Happy Birthday a day late!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day enjoying your most favorite things. Sorry about the mega millions loss. We’ve been there ourselves. Repeatedly!

    Congrats to the Caveboy on his award! Super awesome!

  13. bunkycooks said

    Happy 50th! Looks like you had a great day (except for missing out on the big bucks!). 😦 Unfortunately, for me, I will be right there with you come October. You only are as old as you feel (or so I have been told) and I’m not sure how I feel, but you are still looking good! Many more to you!

    • TY, Bunky! It really is all a number!! I’ve known 20 year olds that feel and act 80, and 80 year olds that feel and act 20. I know that the Cavekids will definitely keep me feeling young for some time to come!

  14. Chris said

    What an excellent 50th for you. Too bad you didn’t get to finish it off with a big check but it all sounded fun.

  15. Shirley said

    Belated B’day wishes! At the risk of repeating myself some gorgeous kids you have!

  16. Claudia said

    Happy, happy birthday – that age thing – just a number. Cake – delicious. Kids – gorgeous!

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