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Mom’s Day

Posted by Caveman Cooking on May 9, 2010

As posted earlier today, I had high hopes for a fun and flavor-filled day to celebrate the Cavewoman’s daily gargantuan task of motherhood. Yet, I started the day in fear. Fear that Robert Burns’ often paraphrased line, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, would come true today. But, my Mother’s Day Fairy Godmother must have been on her game because the only plan that didn’t go as planned was our Steamed Artichoke lunch. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.
With both Cavemom and Cavemom-in-law both out of town for the big day, we were left to a very intimate Caveclan celebration. The day started with cards and presents, which included a certificate for a foot massage and a planter full of tulips that were about to bloom. They didn’t stay in the planter very long, though, as the C-woman had a perfect spot in the backyard for them. So I donned the gardening gear and made quick work of the first Mom’s Day honey-do of the day.
Cavewoman on Mother's Day

Next, it was time for breakfast. I “whipped up” some Cavetaters and went to work on a veggie-friendly Eggs Benedict that subbed out the traditional piece of ham or Canadian bacon for a slice of vine ripened tomato. Unfortunately, the Benedict process is too labor-intensive to be able to make it and shoot photos at the same time. So, I can’t post the recipe … yet! It was such a hit that I will be making it again later this week and the Cavewoman has agreed to handle the camera work. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy the view:
Cave's Eggs Benedict

Afterwards, I was delighted to hear from my wife that this version was better than what she gets at her favorite restaurant for Eggs Benedict … and that she was “not just sucking up by saying that!” πŸ˜†
After such a filling meal we had no room for dessert and, in a few hours, didn’t have room for our planned lunch of steamed artichokes. But, around 1:30pm the Mom’s Day girl decided that our skipped dessert would make a great “lunch” … and who was I to argue?!? πŸ˜‰ Now, I wish I could take credit for the Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake that graced our plates. But, Entenmann’s makes one of the very few store-bought desserts that make it into our house. Though, for good reason – it is THE BOMB! Well, it was the bomb until today, when I added some Cognac marinated Mint Strawberries to the equation. Oh my! Now, it’s THE BOMB!!
Entenmann's Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake with Cognac Mint Strawberries

On a side note, next week we’ll be doing our first “Secret Ingredient” theme with several recipes posted that will include the special element. I’ll give you a hint … the first secret ingredient can be found in the strawberry recipe.
After some football, soccer, Crazy Eights, and some light house cleaning to prep for some family visitors expected this week, it was time to start working on dinner. Again, a bit labor intensive, but well worth it! A Baby Greens Salad with Caramelized Red Pears, Candied Pecans, and Goat Cheese got the meal started. (Recipe should be up tomorrow)
Baby Greens Salad with Caramelized Red Pears, Candied Pecans, & Goat Cheese

For the main course, one of my wife’s favorite dishes in the world was on the docket – King Crab Risotto with Artichoke Hearts and Pine Nuts. Of course, being the herbivore that she is, Cavewoman got hers sans crustacean. The Cavekids and I, however, enjoyed the crab-filled version that the recipe’s name suggests. Best of all, everyone was completely satiated by meal’s end.
King Crab Risotto

Needless to say, after all this fun, frolic and flavor I am cooked! Yet, it was all worth it to hear the Cavewoman say, shortly before hitting the hay, that she had a “great day”. Funny thing is, she wasn’t the only one! πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to “Mom’s Day”

  1. cavewomanbaking said

    It was the best day ever!! The food was amazing!! And the kids were so good all day, that’s a first. πŸ™‚

    You forgot to mention the “cleanfest” before bedtime. Michael was admiring his clean floors this morning, it was so cute.

    Thanks again for the perfect day babe, I completely enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. JodieMo said

    You have one lucky wife! What a great spread!

  3. bunkycooks said

    That is one amazing day of great food! Your cavewoman will need to run around the block a few times after all the goodies! πŸ˜‰

  4. Happy belated mother’s day, I wish you a lot of them to come and to be just as filled with love. The strawberry/cognac mix seems very interesting πŸ˜€

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