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Memorial Day BBQ

Posted by Caveman Cooking on May 27, 2010

Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burgers

Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burgers

For the Caveclan, any day that ends in “Y” is a good excuse for a barbeque. But, for many of the less “Fire goooood!” inclined in the USA, the Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of their Q-ing season. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for balmy weather in order to fire up the grill. It’s just that, being a Caveman and all, anything short of hurricane force winds just won’t keep me away from a date with my BBQ. That said, with it’s imminent arrival just hours away, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite outdoor cooking recipes to make sure your Holiday celebration is full of fantastic flavor!
Nothing says good old-fashioned American barbeque than a juicy, hot off the grill, hamburger. Just about any burger tastes better when it’s been flame broiled outside over a charcoal flame. As a child with a very limited palate, those ground beef patties made up the large bulk of my diet. So, I became very versed in how they should taste. Though, for some reason my grandfather’s burgers always tasted better than so many of the others I had encountered. Being that Poppa Mike had spent the bulk of his career in the meat business, I figured that he just knew something the others didn’t. What I didn’t learn, until years later, was that he actually had a secret recipe that took his burgers to the meat mountaintop. I’ve since adjusted his recipe slightly, but still pay great homage to his with Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burgers. Give these juicy, flavorful babies a try at your Q this weekend if you enjoy hearing mewls of delectable pleasure coming from your guests … as well as yourself!
Beale Street BBQ Ribs

Beale Street BBQ Ribs

If BBQ ribs are your thing (their mine, too!) then you can’t go wrong with a rack or two of our Beale Street BBQ Ribs. These tasty pork bones are so easy to make. The trick is to let them marinate in the rub for as long as you can … 2-3 days isn’t unheard of around here. Also, be sure to cook them long and slow, and not to baste them too soon or the sauce will burn. Other than that, it’s a very basic BBQ recipe that will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head with each bite. Of course, you will need a preparation of Killer BBQ Sauce to go with them. But, that is a pretty easy recipe, as well. The downside with these is that you won’t look pretty by the time you are finished, but they are soooooo good that you won’t care! Besides, that’s why Wet Naps were invented!!
Juicy Beer Can Chicken

Juicy Beer Can Chicken

Searching for something a bit lighter and healthier? Then, a Juicy Beer Can Chicken is right up your alley. An easy to prepare recipe that doesn’t require much tending to once it is on the grill. Making it the perfect dish when you want to spend more time with your guests than over the fire. The best part of this recipe is that, even if you over cook it, all the meat (even the breast meat) still comes out so juicy and flavorful, it’s almost fool-proof. Plus, since there is no oil or fat used in the making of it, and most of the internal fats drip out during the cooking process, it is one of the healthiest dishes you can make. However, you don’t have to tell your guests it’s acutally good for them until they start begging you for the recipe … and they will! 😉
Killer Mac Salad

Killer Mac Salad

Naturally, every barbeque is in need of a good side dish. And this one may just be the perfect compliment to any gathering ’round the grill. Macaroni salad is a traditional staple of Hawaiian BBQ dishes and has made it’s way into the mainstream of American outdoor eating, as well. Personally, I never was a fan of mac salad until I had the incredible one served up by Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ in Reseda, California. From that moment on, I was in a mad search to be able to make a great version of this scrumptious side. It took years, but I finally came up with a Killer Mac Salad recipe that truly lives up to it’s name. One of it’s advantages is that it is so much better when made a day in advance, which gives it time to soak up and blend all the flavors and seasonings, making it a very convenient dish! But, the best part is really the taste. My favorite way to eat it is to drizzle some of the Killer BBQ Sauce on it. I also tend to dip whatever meat I’m eating with it into the sauce that is inevitably left over from a heapin’ helping of this “pastatality”. Mmmmmmm MMMMMMM! … I’m jonesing for it just by writing this!
Easy Peasy Cherry Crumble Cake

Easy Peasy Cherry Crumble Cake

No Memorial Day BBQ, or any type of meal for that matter, is complete without a dessert. As you might know, the Cavewoman is quite the baker. Many of her recipes take numerous ingredients and steps to achieve a fanciful fruition. But, it’s one of her easiest and quickest recipes that will compliment the backyard Q quite well this year. Her Easy Peasy Cherry Crumble Cake will have everyone thinking you took a baking course at some culinary academy when they taste this sweet slice of heaven. If you aren’t too keen on cherries, just substitute blueberries, apples, or peaches. Or, for the truly adventurous, whip up an order of Cave’s Cranberry Sauce and sub in an amount equal to the can of cherry pie filling. We gave that a go recently and man was it gooooooood!
We hope that these suggestions either help or inspire you to have a fun, festive, and flavorsome gathering. Whatever you end up planning for this Memorial Day holiday, just be sure to include as many friends and/or family as possible. They are the true ingredients to a merry and memorable time. And, please take a moment from your festivities to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy the good times together with freedom and liberty.

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30 Responses to “Memorial Day BBQ”

  1. Great ideas for Memorial Day! So glad grilling season is here!! Definitely trying the ribs this weekend!!

  2. boredcook said

    It’s only 9 am here and that cheeseburger looks so good right now. I’m the lucky one who gets work this weekend so I don’t get to enjoy any BBQ’s. My only day off will be Monday so we may get to do something.

    Still, I’ll be dreaming about all the good food everyone is enjoying!

    • You might have to check your local ordinances, Pam, but I believe grilling is allowed on Mondays in NY state! 😉 Don’t work too hard!!

      • boredcook said

        Yes, even in our “you need a permit to sneeze in a tissue” town, we are permitted grilling on Mondays. LOL By Monday I’m ususally wiped out from working double (16 hours) shift on Sunday. So don’t know that I will be feeling that excited for much. I’ll leave the cooking to hubby that day.

        BTW, we DID grill tonight and I made that Cherry Crumble Cake. I just finished devouring a plate of it. Good grief, that is some good stuff. I contemplated adding ice cream to it, but then thought the butter was artery clogging enough. But…still, the ice cream does sound good.

        I plan on blogging about that. I can already see it’s going to be a favorite in our house.

  3. Cinda said

    What a good excuse for a great BBQ day! That cheeseburger looks so yummy!

  4. Terrific ideas for Memorial Day. The Easy Peasy Cherry Crumble Cake looks fantastic!

  5. Those ribs look goooooooooooooood! Now I’m hungry!

  6. Way to go Caveman! You have given the Memorial Day Q-ing primer. Great post and luvin’ those burgers!

  7. Cynthia said

    I don’t know if we’ll be firing up the grill or not… so much RAIN up here in the NW! And the forecast isn’t lookin’ good. But if not Memorial Day, then when the sun comes out to play again! Me, I’m thinking of shrimp. Transplanted child of the Gulf Coast here… and very unhappy about the BP oil spill.

    • Rain?!?! That’s what carports are for! 😉 Hope it clears up for you, Cynthia. If you want shrimp on the “Bahbie” you might like this: Texas Red Grilled Shrimp Tacos
      On a side note, I know everyone is appalled at the situation in the gulf. Being an outdoorsman, and having fished the Gulf waters numerous times in my youth, the devastation being wrought on that environment is especially painful to me. I can’t begin to imagine the emotional effects it is having on those that use those waters for their income, much less their usual recreation. On a much less important and more selfish level, for those of us that enjoy seafood culled from those waters, we are already starting to pay a premium price for our pleasure. One that will almost certainly continue to climb even higher.
      BTW, this comment isn’t here to illicit a pro or con offshore drilling discussion … that is for a different forum. All I’m saying is that the price being paid by the local wildlife, business people, residents, and especially the families of the rig-workers lost in the explosion, is indeed a very high one. I just hope that they are able to get a handle on the spill NOW, and begin the massive restoration project to come, ASAP.

  8. Drick said

    what a great mix of foods – interesting hamburger, I don’t know about the lamb either but I sure might try it and those ribs just look amazing…

  9. Kountry Kitchen said

    Thanks, for the great Killer Mac
    Salad ideal. Looking forward to fixing it for my family.

  10. Claudia said

    I’m dancing to your tune. Burgers today, chicken and brats tomorrow and ribs on Monday. Let the grill fires begin. The mac’n cheese is tempting me.

  11. Penelope said

    Devilishly delicious! Wishing you and your’s a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and a safe one as well!

  12. Chris said

    Your first two sentences cracked me up. Fire gooood.

    Excellent round up for the opening of “the season”. (Like you, I never stop cooking outdoors.)

  13. Gloyna said

    I am impressed with the post. If you can do a youtube video for it. i would watch! 🙂

  14. Jack said

    I’m second with Gloyna. Waiting for your video.
    Hmm.. I want those ribs.


  15. outdoor cooking is always the thing that we do, it is very enjoyable too~.”

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