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Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua’s (Winnemucca, NV)

Posted by Caveman Cooking on July 12, 2010

Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua's 1When I’m on the road, there’s nothing better than stumbling into an unfamiliar town (preferably small enough to throw a Frisbee across) and finding a hidden gastronomic gem. I feel as if I’ve miraculously discovered some pirate’s buried treasure … without a map! The only difference is, I can’t wait to share this find with everyone I know. 😉
Hence, the start of a fun new series here on C3: Road Trip Hits. Taking a page from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, this ongoing series will feature some of those little known paragons of road-trip rations.

After finding a great Mexican joint in Santa Maria on the first day of our road trip, I wasn’t sure that we’d stumble across another in the genre that would make me feel like breaking out my best Hat Dance. But, when we stumbled into Winnemucca, Nevada on our power-drive-day on the way home (10 hours, 4 states, and nearly 720 miles), the allure of Chihuahua’s Grill & Cantina (245 S. Bridge Street Winnemucca, NV 89445 775-625-4613) was just somehow too much for us to resist. I even did the rare U-turn to go back to this restaurant that seemed somewhat reminiscent of the Alamo from the outside. I think it was the fact that people were willing to sit outside in the 90°+ weather in order to get a table that had me pushing the traffic-law envelope. Fortunately, we were able to get a table inside since none of us, especially the Caveboy, does well in the heat. In fact, at the age of 3, the first time he ever walked outside into some real desert heat, he tried to beat it up … he was fightin’ mad at it! 😆 Inside, the main restaurant is separate from the bar, which also has some dining tables available. Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua's 2

When we sat down, the usual chips and salsa were delivered and quickly received the seal of approval from the Caveclan. We hastily backed it up with an order of guacamole which also was quickly going down our collective gullets faster than a Lindsey Lohan sainthood tribunal. It was thick and chunky, with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and lime juice all part of the action. We really had to show some restraint in order to have any room remaining for our meals.

Speaking of which, when it came time to order, I had to give their Chile Verde a go, since they make it with beef. In my experience, pork had always been the carne of choice when making this dish. So, I was in for a new treat. Green chiles, potatoes, onions and a unique Verde sauce all acted as a bed for the juicy, tender hunks of beef. And, oh my, was it flavorful! Served with cheese-topped refried beans, Spanish rice, and corn tortillas this was a dish I just couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone. If they would have served me seconds I, somehow, would have found the room for it!

Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua's 3 As good as my dish was, the piece de resistance was actually the Cavegirl’s Carne Asada taco, which is pictured below. Yeah, it looks like two tacos, but it is actually one that we split into two since it was wrapped in two tortillas. Besides, despite her ravenous state, there was no way she’d ever get her mouth open wide enough to get a good bite of the overstuffed $1.90 taco. After dividing it up for her, I grabbed a piece of the marinated steak and was blown away by the incredible flavor these juicy, butter-soft chunks of beef possessed. It just may be the best Carne Asada I’ve ever tasted. I vowed that the next time we stopped in I would have to order these tacos … only, I’d have more than “one”!

Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua's 4 The Caveboy went Americana with Chicken Strips and fries and was very happy, as was I when I saw they looked like they were made with actual chicken breast meat rather than the pressed stuff so many restaurants serve up on the kiddies’ menu. And, though the menu had several vegetarian offerings, the Cavewoman went with her usual Cheese Enchilada. I have to admit, she was the only one who wasn’t thrilled with their meal. But, she is anxious to return and try some of the other herbivore-friendly choices available.

While I wouldn’t classify this restaurant as inexpensive, it still is reasonable enough to get a family of four out the door for around $35. Add in the good food, friendly and fast service, and comfortable surroundings, and you can see why this qualifies as a Road Trip Hit. The next time you find yourself cruising through the northwestern Nevada desert on I-80 or Highway 95, and south-of-the-border grub sounds good, make a stop at Chihuahua’s for some flavor that will certainly be bigger than it’s canine namesake.

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14 Responses to “Road Trip Hit: Chihuahua’s (Winnemucca, NV)”

  1. Cynthia said

    Sounds wonderful! As there is a faint chance I might be passing through there in the future, I’m really glad you posted this! I’ve been through Winnemucca before but did not go anywhere to dine.

  2. Kimberly Hamilton said

    my husband and I live in winnemucca and it is by far our favoriate place to eat we dine in and also carry it out it is the most amazing mexican food we have found anywhere I stumbled across this post while googling Chihuahuas for the phone number for dinner tonight : ) thanks for the help with the phone number and glad everyone else loves it as much as we do : )


    gracias amigos!!and thank you for all yours good comments, and we are workin all the time to make better.. and hope we’ll see you guys again. THANKS AGAIN, GOD BLESS YOU..

    SINCERETY.. Dora & Javier (ownwers)
    Sofi,Javier Jr & Julia ( our children)

  4. Susan Berish said

    I also live in Winnemucca, and I also was looking on google to find the phone number for Chihuahua’s Grill & Cantina as we were ordering takeout. I actually have the menu here but couldn’t find it fast enough. I am so happy to hear that Chihuahua’s Grill & Cantina is many people’s favorite restaurant in-towners and also the ever welcomed out of towners. Chihuahua’s Grill & Cantina is the best place to eat real Mexican Cuisine at a very reasonable price. The staff is always very pleasant, helpful and attentive. I have taken my three grandkids here on numerous occasions and the staff always are patient and kind when dealing with grandkids out with grandma (without their parents!!!) Incase you are wondering what to order, the staff will definitely explain any of the great choices you want to hear more about before deciding on you final delectable entree. My favorites are the enchilades suizas, it is enrobed in a green sauce with cheese that is full of flavor and cooked to perfection. My next favorite is the
    Pancho Villa Nachos, these are to die for, I order this as an entree instead of an appetizer, and huge so you can share if you want to, which I usually don’t! The rice and beans are the best this side of Mexico and you need to order it even if you can’t eat it all, save it for the next day. The quesidillas and fajitas are also my favorites.
    They are just the best and no matter what you order you will not be disappointed if you like true mexican food. Oh!! I almost forgot to mention the chili rellenos, don’t leave the restaurant without one at least. They are just awesome.
    Thank you Javier and family for bringing this wonderful family restaurant to our small town.

  5. Susan Berish said

    Thank you Caveman Cooking family for the coments about Winnemucca and one of our favorite restaurants.

  6. Cindy Nunez said

    My husband and I found this restaurant almost year ago and it is now our fav place to go when we head that direction. I am now a vegetarian and it is very hard to find anywhere to eat out with decent food. This way surpassed what I was expecting! There vegetarian burritos and enchilada’s are wonderful!! I get them without green or red peppers, they are stuffed with yummy veggies, seasoned wonderfully! I can never finish the burrito because it is so big! My carnivorous hubby has no problems finishing his then mine and he said it was great! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  7. Dorothy said

    I live in Winnemucca and agree that Chihuahua’s Mexican Restaurant has the best food!! But I also have ties to Santa Maria and would like to know the name of the best Mexican restaurant that you found there. Thanks

    • Dorothy, the next time you are craving “South of the border” grub while in Santa Maria, I highly suggest you check out La Coqueta. It’s your typical “hole in the wall” with great food at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended!

  8. […] Caveman Cooking praised Chihuahua’s on a July 2010 trip. […]

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