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R&R BBQ Sauce

Posted by Caveman Cooking on July 15, 2010

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Anybody who’s ever been to a bar (or frat party) knows that Rum and Coke go together like milk and cookies. But, who knew that Rum and Root Beer could team up for a phenomenal barbeque sauce? Well, oh my, do they! Although this was developed specifically to go with my BBQ Rub-a-dub and Dutch Oven R&R Pulled Pork, it really stands up incredibly well on it’s own! Ribs, chicken, tri-tip … you name it. This sauce will make your taste-buds do a victory dance!


2 Cups Root Beer
2 Cups Ketchup
2 Shots (3 Ounces) Dark Rum
1/4 Cup Molasses
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 TBSP BBQ Rub-a-dub (or the smokey rub of your choice)
1 Tsp Red Crushed Pepper
1/2 Tsp Cayenne Pepper
1/2 Tsp Sea or Kosher Salt


In a medium-large saucepan, combine all ingredients.
R&R BBQ Sauce 1

Turn the heat on medium and stir or whisk well until all ingredients are fully combined.
R&R BBQ Sauce 2

Continue to stir occasionally until just before sauce begins to boil. Reduce heat to low and continue to simmer uncovered for 2 hours. Be sure to continue stirring every 10-15 minutes.
R&R BBQ Sauce 3

When done, remove from heat for 15 minutes. Then serve, use to baste, or cover and refrigerate. Will last up to three weeks … but, probably not! 😉
R&R BBQ Sauce 4

Prep Time = 10 minutes
Cook Time = 2 Hours
Makes 1.5 Quarts

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

15 Responses to “R&R BBQ Sauce”

  1. caren said

    omg my mouth is salivating just reading the recipe and looking at the photos!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Cristina said

    Mmm. That BBQ sauce has a deep rich color and it looks thick! Like that idea of root beer and rum.

  3. Steve said

    This looks great. I intend to start making my own BBQ sauce this summer and this is as good a place to start for a base as any. Thanks.

  4. This sounds like a fantastic BBQ sauce! I’d love to slather some ribs with it or mix it with some pulled pork for a sandwich, mmm!

    • Thanks, Rochelle! I first developed it for my Pulled Pork (recipe will be coming soon), but this week I put it on some Country-style Ribs (recipe coming tomorrow). Mmmmmmm MMMMMMM!

  5. Chris said

    An absolute must try! I already imported it into my BigOven desktop software before I commented to make sure I won’t forget. Now I just have to get some rum and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a dry Sunday.

  6. queenbeeeatsforaday said

    This looks awesome! Totally trying this next time we do ribs! Husband will definitely go for this!

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  8. David said

    Have you ever tried spiced rum with the sauce?

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