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Want Pasta? Giveaway

Posted by Caveman Cooking on October 13, 2010

Florentyna's Fresh Pasta Factory
We are extremely excited to announce our latest giveaway promotion on the C3 site. We have teamed up with Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory, purveyors of the freshest all-natural pasta, to offer one lucky winner a $200 Florentyna’s gift certificate! They’ll be able to choose from any of their fresh pastas, made daily in their state of the art processing facility with 100% durum wheat (semolina), pasteurized eggs and purified water – NO PRESERVATIVES. NO ADDITIVES. NO COLORINGS. They also offer an array of fresh sauces to compliment any of Florentyna’s amazing Fettucini, Linguini, Spaghettini, Fusilli, Ravioli, Tortellini, or other pasta varieties.Ravioli
Entering is easy-peasy, as all you have to do is reply to this post with the words “I Want Pasta” and you will receive one (1) entry into the grand prize drawing. Want more chances to win? We’ve got that for you, too! You can receive an additional single (1) entry by following Caution: Caveman Cooking on Twitter, and another single (1) entry by following Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory on Twitter (you must have a Twitter account to follow and receive these entries). An additional two (2) entries are available for anyone who subscribes to the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog “Email Subscription” (NOT the comment/replies subscription). Another two (2) entries may be earned by browsing the Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory online store, copying the URL/page address of your favorite pasta they offer, and pasting it in your comment/reply here. Finally, another two (2) additional entries may be earned if you join Florentyna’s Free Pasta Club, available only through their website.
Forentyna's Fresh PastasA maximum of 9 entries are available to each visitor to the C3 website who choose to enter. Please, be sure to mention in your comment/reply which additional entries you are seeking to qualify for so that we may follow up and credit you accordingly! If you are seeking to qualify for any “Twitter” entries, you must also include your Twitter name in your comment/reply. You must put all of those entry methods into ONE single comment/reply … multiple comments/replies will not be accepted!
The entry deadline for this promotion is 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday 10/31/2010. At that time we will draw the winner at random from all verified entries received before the deadline. The winner will be announced within seven (7) days of the promotion’s end.
We hope everyone enjoys the “Want Pasta? Giveaway”, and we thank you for visiting C3!
Please, read the rules!

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92 Responses to “Want Pasta? Giveaway”


    Since I am a Libra and can’t make up my mind the sampler would be awesome!!

    Also….what about those of us who already subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Facebook and Follow Caveman Cooking on Twitter?

  2. Yesim said

    i love pasta, and they colorful seems so nice, but i think no giveaway to Turkey right? :)))

  3. blubird607 said

    I WANT PASTA!! = )

  4. Emily N. said

    I Want Pasta


  6. Nive said

    “I want pasta”!!! Thanks for this giveaway…

  7. Nive said

  8. Nive said

    Entry (2)

  9. […] Caution: Caveman Cooking ( has teamed up with Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory, purveyors of the freshest all-natural pasta, to offer one lucky winner a $200 Florentyna’s gift certificate! That’s a lot of Pasta!! Entering is as easy as leaving a comment, and each person my qualify for up to nine entries each. All the details are available on their giveaway page. […]

  10. Some of you folks aren’t following the rules. You MUST put all your entries into one single reply/comment. Multiple replies/comments WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

  11. Haven said

    I want pasta!

  12. Amy said

    I want pasta!!!

  13. Ashley K said

    I want pasta!!

  14. Stephanie Owens said

    I Want Pasta!

  15. Stephanie Owens said

    This stuff is more like art! Check out the Tri Colored spaghetti! It’s so pretty!

  16. Shelby said

    I want pasta

    • Theresa Payne said

      My Granddaughter shares your name. 🙂 I picked this name for her. I think it is the most beautiful name. If I am remembering right it means beloved of the village, or that is the combo of her two names. Sleepy now, Hope you win!!!

  17. Karen said

    I want pasta.

  18. i want pasta

  19. I want pasta – please 🙂

  20. Elaine said

    I Want Pasta!!!

  21. Kooky Girl said

    Hi, I have tagged you to take part in my fun ‘getting-to-know-you’ question game, as I was tagged by Alison of the Priarie Story blog. If you would like to take part and carry it on, please see the link below:

    All the best,

    Kooky Girl.

  22. Cindy said

    I want pasta!!!

    I also also browsed the site and subscribed.

    Good luck me! 🙂

  23. Reanne Burnett said

    I Want Pasta

  24. Reanne Burnett said

    @rkcitrus is following Cavemen Cooking

  25. Reanne Burnett said

    @rkcitrus is following Florentyna’s

  26. Reanne Burnett said

    Also, I am an idiot and did not read the rules. I was delirious at the thought of all those pastas!

  27. Pasta has been a great part of my life. I really like it. I almost want it to be served every day.

  28. Helen Keeler said

    I want pasta! It looks yummy. I now subscrib to you email – newsletter.
    helenkeeler at comcast dot net

  29. Jake said

    I was pasta

  30. Tracey Byram said

    I want pasta.

  31. melissa mc said

    I Want Pasta, and thank you for the chance!

  32. boredcook said

    Heck yeah, I WANT PASTA!

    I already subscribe to your blog via email,Cavey!
    I already follow you on Twitter. (@boredcook)
    I NOW follow Florentyna’s on Twitter
    I checked out their website and how awesome does the New Mexico Chili Linguini look. Here is the URL for it:

    Thanks for a great contest!

  33. I want freakin’ PASTA,

    and I want it NOW!!!

  34. Linda F said

    I want Pasta!

  35. Julie said

    Pasta with the caveman….What more can we ask. I guess $200 of pasta for free…WOW!!!!

  36. Schmidty said

    I want pasta!!

    I subscribed to and confirmed email subscription. (2)

    I am following Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory on Twitter @rusthawk (and proud to be among the first ten followers!)

    I am following Caution: Caveman Cooking on Twitter @rusthawk.

    My favorite pasta: (2)

    I joined the free pasta club and sent email.(2) Thank you!

  37. Kim said

    I don’t usually do what i am told but, for pasta i will!

  38. Amy B. said

    1. I want pasta!

    2. I follow Caution: Caveman Cooking on Twitter @silverwoodkids
    3. I follow entyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory on Twitter @silverwoodkids
    4. e-mail subscriber #1
    5. e-mail subscriber #2
    6. #1
    7. #2
    8. I subscribed to Florentyna’s Free Pasta Club #1
    9. I subscribed to Florentyna’s Free Pasta Club #2

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Amy B.

  39. Selinda McCumbers said

    I Want Pasta!

  40. Latrice Jones said

    I follow your blog

  41. Tamara B. said

    1. I want Pasta!
    2. Subscriber to the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog (2 entries)
    3. Joined The Pasta Club
    4. Lemon Pepper Fettucini

  42. Lynda Perry said

    I want pasta!

  43. Natalie U. said

    1. I Want Pasta
    2. I email subcribe to Caution Caveman Cooking
    3. I email subscibe to Caution Caveman Cooking
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  44. I love pasta, it is the most delicious, economical, versatile food in the world,
    I could eat it at least 5 times and never get tired of it, it’s a food everyone loves.

  45. Ruth Eisen said

    I love ravioli that is stuffed with vegetables, portabella mushrooms or spinach! Bring it on!

  46. Sue said

    I would love to win some pasta I could try Spinach noodles and all kinds of differant noodles.

  47. Joy McMillan said

    Hope I win!

  48. Philip Puopolo said

    I want pasta!!!!

  49. Neva McKim said

    Pasta short, pasta long, pasta square, pasta round, pasta feeling just right down in the tummy swimming around and around.

  50. Some folks aren’t following the rules. Please, read them before entering.

  51. jennifer said

    would love to win

  52. james said

    win win win

  53. Frances Carty said

    I want Pasta.

  54. I want Pasta Please..Huge pasta lover here..Thank you!

  55. sharon said

    I wwaanntt pasta!!! Artistic fresh delish pastamakers, you are.

  56. I WANT PASTA!!!

  57. Melissa R said

    I want pasta!

    +1 I follow on Twitter (@giveawaymommy)
    +1 I follow Florentynas on Twitter (@giveawaymommy)
    +2 I am an email subscriber (giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com)
    +2 Signed up for Pasta Club (giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com)

    Total entries= 9

    giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

  58. Rosemary said

    Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv pasta.

  59. Lifers said

    I want pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Joan Leonard said


  61. Bart Henry said

    I want Pasta!

  62. Mary Jean Lantz said

    I Want Pasta

  63. Clayton Klein said

    “I want pasta ! ” I like pasta, too !

  64. june eggers said

    I WANT PASTA !!!!

  65. Phyllis Hecker said

    I want pasta. They are beautiful!

  66. SANDRA N said


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  68. Pattie Piccione said

    My husband is Sicilian and since we moved from NY to Ky I am unable to find good pasta!

  69. Theresa Payne said

    “I want Pasta” My Grandfather came from Italy and in my house pasta was even served for breakfast. I just found your site and very interested. We considered pasta the bread. We didn’t eat bread with it.:) No twitter, can I still enter?

  70. Lisa said

    I Want Pasta.

  71. Cynthia Shern said


  72. I want pasta!

  73. I follow you on twitter (@plainchicken)

  74. nate egerton said

    I love pasta!!!

  75. Ashley said

    I want pasta!

  76. Zoey Smith said

    I Want Pasta

  77. jennfier sullivan said


  78. Nancy Parker said

    I want pasta!

    My favorite pasta is:

    for my two twitter entries – my username is “iluvmyelement”

  79. Darlene said

    I want pasta.

    I’m following you on Twitter.

  80. cheryl McCauley said

    I love pasta prepared any which way.

  81. Stacy said

    I want pasta!

  82. Helen said

    “I want pasta”

  83. I want pasta!!!

    I follow you and Florentyna’s on twitter – @hotmomtips
    I subscribe to your email –
    I want to try The Giardino
    I joined the pasta club –

  84. erica said

    “I Want Pasta
    im follwoing u @purplelover04

    im follwoing @Florentynas @purplelover04

  85. Bilile R said

    I want pasta! kekagel(at)

  86. Sandra Gray said

    I want Pasta!!!

  87. Sandra Gray said

    I’m following Florentynas on Twitter user id is slgraycols

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