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Tag! You’re Eight!!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on October 19, 2010

Eight BallWell, you are one of eight if I have listed you at the end of this post. Actually, this is a fun blogger’s game that was just passed on to me by Kooky Girl from the ALWAYS TRI-ING MY BEST blog. The object is to answer 8 questions given to you by the blogger that tagged you, come up with 8 questions of your own, and then tag 8 bloggers to answer your questions and pass the game on to. So, without further ado, I’ll bare my soul and and reveal the Cave-truth. 😉

1. What do you most enjoy about blogging?
Leaving a footprint in the cyber-sand for the Cavekids. Sure, they’ll have a record of the family recipes. But, hopefully, they’ll also be able to glean a bit of what their “old man” was about when I’m not around anymore.

2. What is your personal acheivement or moment that sticks in your mind and why?
Other than my marriage and the birth of my kids, it would have to be winning the Los Angeles City League Softball Championship. Not for actually winning it, but for what it represented. About a month before we hoisted the championship trophy my step-father passed away. It was devastating to my family, my friends and, of course, me. “Little Joey” was loved by everyone. To say there was an air of depression over everyone is an understatement.
Additionally, our team literally backed into the championship tourney as we hadn’t been playing very good ball. Add in the incredible sense of loss felt by everyone and things weren’t looking good as we started post-season play.
But, something weird began to happen … we started winning in this single-elimination tournament. And, we were making miracle plays to make it happen – “angels in the outfield” is what we were calling it. In fact, the final play of the championship game came as we nursed a one run lead in the bottom of the last inning. There were two outs and they had runners at second and third, with their best hitter at the plate. He hit a rocket deep into the hole between shortstop and third base. Somehow, our shortstop made an improbable diving backhanded short-hop grab! He popped up, turned and fired towards me at first base. However, the throw was a bit errant. Incredibly, I stretched as far as I could to my right without taking my foot off the bag and made a backhanded dig out of the dirt to secure the win.
Suddenly, there was an air of joy over everyone! My mom, my girlfriend (the Cavewoman), my friends, and I, all celebrated with cheers and tears as we realized that Little Joey had a hand in this amazing Championship run. Even the team’s coach honored his influence by giving my Mom a player’s championship trophy in Joey’s name. This championship may be the single most healing act I have ever been a party to.

3. What is your favourite party drink?
Fruit Infused Tequila. The only problem with this stuff is that it goes down way too smoothly. Just serve it over ice and let the party begin!

4. If you could go on holiday tomorrow, where would you go?
Jamaica, mon! Put together incredible natural island beauty, pristine beaches, Caribbean cuisine, and a leisurely attitude, and you have a Caveman’s paradise.

5. What is the most unusual ingredient in your store cupboard right now?
Pink Salt. The Cavewoman just got it and said I have to make something with it because it’s supposed to be better for you than regular salt. Looks like I have some homework to do!

6. What do you do in your “free” time?
When I can actually acquaint myself with that rare commodity, I mostly go fishing. Though, I have been known to spend my spare time playing guitar, poker, golf, or going skiing.

7. What is the name of the last restaurant you went to?
Side Street Cafe in Newbury Park. I will be doing a post about them shortly.

8. What is your favourite style of cooking to eat out (rather than cook yourself)?
I’ve got three words for you: SUSHI! 😉 I could eat raw fish everyday. Especially when it is super fresh and prepared with some imagination.

Okay, now for the questions I will ask my taggees!

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Where, and how, did you celebrate your 21st birthday?
3. What brings you the most joy from life, other than your family and friends?
4. What was the last sport you actually participated in?
5. What, and where, was the best meal you’ve ever had?
6. If you were given $1 million dollars that you had to give to someone else who would it be, and why?
7. What is your favorite “stranded on a deserted island” movie?
8. Have you told someone what they mean to you today?

And the lucky eight are:

1. Bored Cook – Because I want a good laugh.
2. Vendela Vents – Because I love her sarcasm … and this will probably piss her off good! 😉
3. Mother Rimmy – Because you always need a mother’s perspective.
4. Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice – Just because.
5. What’s Cookin’ with Doc – Because, sometimes, you have to consult a doctor.
6. Nibble Me This – Because I want him to nibble on these questions for a while.
7. Ptsaldari – Because she hasn’t been writing much lately … and she should be!
8. Drick’s Rambling Cafe – Because I’m dying to see what he’ll ramble about.

There you go! Have fun with this, folks. I did!

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

13 Responses to “Tag! You’re Eight!!”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mary Jabcon, Caveman Cooking. Caveman Cooking said: Tag! You're Eight!!: […]

  2. Kooky Girl said

    Thank you for playing caveman. I love your answers. Sushia and Jamaica – I’m with you on those !! All the best, KG. :o)

    • Thanks for including me, KG! I actually had the post done on Sunday. But, when I went to “Save Draft”, WP did a systemwide shutdown and I lost the whole thing. So, I had to wait a day for the wisps of steam to stop coming out of my ears before I could begin again. 😉

  3. The trick to a system crash is to write everything in your computer first then upload, cavey cuz. I ran into the same issue when i posted my blog Saturday…made me crazy as you no doubt can imagine. BUT I did not lose anything except a few applications of bold/italic text. Sigh!

    I will do the blog q’s for the game BUT I only know one other blogger …hmmm, a dilemma. You’ve given me the challenge for the day – and I had a post in place that I wrote @4:30 this morning. Looks like fun tho.

    Love to all,

  4. boredcook said

    Well thanks so much! I can’t believe I have to include a description of my 21st birthday. I think I have pictures of it…somewhere. I’ll have to look.

  5. Great answers! I got “tagged” yesterday.

  6. Thanks Caveman! I’m with you – Jamaica is my dream vacation of choice!

  7. Thanks Caveman,
    Enjoyed reading your responses. We have a bit of family emergency so I’ll gret to mine ASAP.

  8. Reeni said

    Thank you for tagging me! And for sharing those tidbits about yourself so we can get to know you better!

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