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Happy Tweet-giving!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on November 26, 2010

Yesterday, while cooking up a storm, I was also “Tweeting” up a storm on Twitter. Using my semi-new Droid X, I was taking pics as I went along and posting them up on my Twitter account @CavemanCooking. Just in case you missed them (or aren’t a “Tweep”), I thought I’d share them, in chronological order (Actually, the first three are from the day before):

Turkey is brined!
Brined Turkey

Cranberry sauce is done!
Cranberry Sauce

Gravy base is simmering!
Gravy Base Simmering

The “outside the bird” stuffing is ready to go!

Turkey is stuffed and going in the oven!
Stuffed Turkey

Spinach Souffle is ready to go.
Spinach Souffle

OMG the house smells good! I keep going outside & coming back in to get a fresh nose full!! 😉
(No picture)

Cavemom’s Orange Yam Turkeys are ready to go!
Orange Yam Turkeys

Table is almost ready!
Thanksgiving Table

Shrimp Cocktail is served!
Shrimp Cocktail

Baked Brie is served!
Baked Brie

Turkey is done!
Thanksgiving Turkey

Forgot to get the “before” shot. Oh well! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!!
Empty Thanksgiving Plate

Thanksgiving pie trio. (From L to R) Pecan, Apple, and Pumpkin. YUM!
Thanksgiving Pie Trio

Great day … but, our house looks like Fall threw up on it! 😉
(No picture)

Our first T-Day in our new home was absolutely fantastic. Everyone had a great time and were stuffed fuller than our Thanksgiving Turkey! It was especially nice to have the Cave-mom-in-law there, after her harrowing health issues this year. We hope that your Holiday was filled with love, laughter and deliciousness!
If you’d like to see some more pics from our gathering, go to the Cavewoman’s Flickr page:

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4 Responses to “Happy Tweet-giving!”

  1. Everything looks soooo good!!!! You have that Spinach Souffle recipe anywhere? Headed over to flicker…. 🙂

  2. Pamela said

    All soooo delicious, but where’s the recipe for the spinach souffle?!

    Thank you again for a wonderful evening!

    Pamela, Bill and Lucca

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