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Happy Holidays 2010!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!For years now, the Cavewoman and I have sent out a Holiday picture to all our friends and family. Pre-Cavekids, we even took those pictures with our pet birds (both of whom are now with us only in our hearts). The first few years that the Caveboy was around, we had our wedding photographer take a family shot for us to use. But, ever since the Cavegirl joined the tribe, we have had a bit more fun with our annual Holiday offering in the form of mocked-up magazine covers featuring the four of us. We’ve spoofed such rags as People, Poker Player, American Angler, and Photography. This year, for obvious reasons, our attention turned to food. The result: Our 2010 version is a tribute to the long running monthly tribute to chow, Bon Apetite! For those of you versed in Photoshop, you’ll see that the only original things in the picture are us, our clothes (sans hats), and utensils. The kitchen, the chef’s chapeaux, and the magazine headers and titles were all “Photoshopped” in. Yeah, I wish our kitchen looked like that! :mrgreen:
As noted above, we share these Holidays cards with all of our friends and family. So it is, that we would like to share it with you. The love shown this cyber-rag, both vocal and silent, is truly felt and appreciated. You are our friends and, indeed, our family. As such, we wish you and yours all the best for the Holidays, and may your New Year be filled with health, happiness, and prosperity. Thank you for being a part of the Caveclan … we look forward to sharing even more from our tables and times with you in 2011!

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15 Responses to “Happy Holidays 2010!”

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  2. This was soooooooooo cool! Love it so much! Wishing the entire Caveclan, tribe… whatever hugs and kisses. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear friend!

  3. this is great!!! What a beautiful family you have!! I hope all of you have the BEST holiday ever!!!

  4. Chris said

    Quite impressive! She’s adept at Photoshop, isn’t she? Great stuff.

    I hope your Holiday has been peaceful and filled with memories for a lifetime.

  5. looks wonderful
    happy holidays to you and family

  6. Drick said

    wonderful job, the hats look like a perfect fit and you fit right in the kitchen – best wishes for a great New Years…

  7. Claudia said

    Sings of the family, breaking bread together and the holiday spirit! Just perfect. Wishing you all the best in 2011.

  8. Kooky Girl said

    Lovely photo ! Happy New Year Cave family. KG

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