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Vendela No Longer Vents

Posted by Caveman Cooking on July 8, 2011

Vendela Vents!My beautiful, articulate, opinionated, loving, intelligent cousin Wendy (aka Vendela Vents!) unwillingly surrendered to her 2.5 year long illness this past Sunday morning. She fought her insidious disease valiantly to the end and never surrendered her fearlessness, her dignity, or her wit. She will surely be missed and always be loved by many and, for me at least, Tarot cards, Thanksgiving and Lamb Wontons will never be the same.
Rest in peace, cuz.

3 Responses to “Vendela No Longer Vents”

  1. Janis said

    I was a college roommate of Wendy’s at Penn State. She has been on my mind all day yesterday and today.
    When I couldn’t reach her I started Googling and found this eulogy. I am in shock.
    Could you please tell me if there will be a memorial service for her in LA?

    • Janis,
      I am so sorry that you had to learn of Wendy’s passing this way. You should know that she fought for her life until the end and, fortunately, let go when it was clear the battle was lost.
      There was a small memorial for her on Thursday at the beach in Santa Monica. The will also be one for her in Philly next week, I believe. Some of her ashes will be scattered into the Pacific … I will let you know when that will be when I learn the info.
      In the meantime, my sincerest condolences to you.

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