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C3TV: Dutch Oven R&R Pulled Pork

Posted by Caveman Cooking on December 5, 2011

Here it is! The world premier of our new online video cooking series!! Please be sure to leave your comments, as we strive to improve the show with each and every episode. Also, be sure to view all the way through the credits for some added “bonus footage”. 😉

Being a Caveman and all, I love to put meat on the grill or in the smoker. That said, I must challenge the purists who insist that good Pulled Pork has to be cooked via one of those methods. This recipe will prove that this dish doesn’t always have to be made in the great outdoors.

Series Premier
Episode 101

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32 Responses to “C3TV: Dutch Oven R&R Pulled Pork”

  1. Carla said

    Mark, this sauce looks amazing! I can’t wait to make it. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  2. Rochelle said

    Love the video! Very entertaining and informative. I was wondering if you could rate how hot/spicy this recipe is, what with all the chili powder, etc? Also, could this recipe be done in a crockpot? Thanks!

    • Thank you, Rochelle! Chili powder, per se, isn’t as spicy as it is flavorful. The heat it generates is very mild. Any real kick would come from the red crushed chili peppers and the cayenne pepper, and you could easily modify the “temperature” of this dish by increasing or decreasing the amounts you add to the sauce and the rub. That said, the Cavekids are not big fans of spiciness at this stage of their evolution (Me??? I LOVE it!). So, I tend to keep things on the mild side for their sake … and they just can’t get enough of this dish, made as depicted!
      As for the crockpot, it COULD be made in a slow cooker. But, you don’t get that nice bark on the outside of the meat like you do in the Dutch Oven. I highly recommend the method we shared here.

  3. steve hammill said

    So what makes you a caveman, Mark? Are you just riding on the caveman commercials or do you have real caveman credentials? How many critters have you shot? How many raw, warm livers have you eaten from your kill?

    Seriously, you need real credentials when you’re talking to a Rocky Mountain man or the real caveman I’m sending to your site.

    Good show! 🙂

    • Hi, Steve! Glad you liked the show!!
      As for the “Caveman” moniker, those commercials have been taking that from me! I was given that nickname by a bunch of not-so-well-meaning guys 35 years ago when I moved to a new neighborhood. The name stuck and, eventually, I came to embrace it. Even came up with “The Caveman” dance at some school dances that everyone ended up doing. 😉
      I’m more of a fisherman than a hunter. And, while I haven’t experienced the warm liver, I have eaten a still-beating Tuna’s heart, as well as fresh Yellowtail “sashimi”, while the fish was still flopping around on the deck … does that count??? If you’d like, you can check out my fishing website, the Unemployed Fishing Club, to see my on-the-water credentials.

  4. Chris said

    Great job, Mark. While I prefer my butt…errrrrr…..shoulder smoked, I like the sauce recipe. The video was funny and very well produced and I KNOW how hard that is to do. The production tasks are a complete pain in the rear.

    • Thanks, Chris! Of course, the traditional way is often the preferred way. But (again, no pun intended), if you give this a go sometime, you just might find that great pulled pork doesn’t necessarily come off of a grill or out of a smoker.
      As for the show production, while it does have it’s challenges, it is a total blast to do. And, as I am finding, it is a learning process. For instance, we should have the sound quality and subject lighting making some major leaps in future shows. I’m hoping that we can, somehow, make each episode better than the previous one!

  5. Duana said

    Really well done Mark. The production is amazing. Looking forward to more yummy recipes and of course, seeing your smiling face!


  6. Evette said

    We LOVED the show!!! You were super informative, fun, well paced and entertaining! We can’t wait to see more shows and more recipies.
    On behalf of my family, thanks for a great meal!

  7. arlene said


  8. George Webb said


    Very fun video with what looks to be great tasting pulled pork. I will give the recipe a try and let you know the results. The pan looked pretty soiled, did my cousin do the cleaning?

    George Webb

  9. Cory B said

    CAVE YUM!!! Loved the show ~ my mouth was watering the entire time WOW that pulled pork looked amazing!!! Can’t wait for the next show ….

  10. Zookeeper said

    Watching that made my day…and I don’t even eat meat! I do like the sound of boston butt though but that is a different story.
    You pulled Socks and entertained like only you can. Plus if I am not mistaken, in the beginning of the video..”Now thats’s a fire!”
    Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next vid.

  11. lan luong said

    Love the show, Mark! You covered every detail & best thing: no commercials! Looked through the menu on your site, it’ amazing, thanks for sharing with us! Can’t wait to watch your next one and the fancy dance! Maybe you could add: Caveman Cooking Rocks!:)

  12. Saul mollock said

    Very cool Mark!!! Loved it!!

  13. Good Job Mark!Can’t wait to try this recipe.I enjoy cooking, always have learning from my Mother! I even worked at different Resturants,if fact in NP I help Mark open Magoos Sports Bar,if it’s still there.I was his Head cook for about 4 months.He uses/used my recipe for their pizza dough,adding Crushed Red Pepper/Minced Garlic when mixing.Then I landed a Gig at Amgen in the Catering Dept on Campus.I marinate my Meat for at least a week in Dark Beer-Tri Tip/Pork I want to also use this with DarkRum/Rootbeer, those 2-4 inch Tortilla’s,with my homemade Spicy Salsa,Cole Slaw-POWER TRUST-Giggity Giggity Give be a bowl/ shredded Pork/ Homemade Spicy Salsa,Cole Slaw and Tortilla’s TV and a Happy Cave Man Ughhhhhhhhhhh

  14. Evette said

    Hi Mark,
    I made the pulled pork and the R & R sauce.
    My family loved the pulled pork without the R & R sauce (they’re not sauce eaters)!!! They wouldn’t stop eating it. YUMMY!!!
    Thank you again (from Johnny, Maddie & Morgan)!
    They’re begging for more!!

  15. Your blog is outrageous! I mean, Ive by no means been so entertained by anything in my life! Your vids are excellent for this. I mean, how did you manage to uncover something that matches your style of writing so properly? Im actually happy I started reading this right now. Youve got a follower in me for positive!

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