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REVIEW: Broil King Baron 440 Grill

Posted by Caveman Cooking on December 12, 2014

Broil King Baron 440
When my Char-Broil Commercial Series stainless steel grill imploded (literally) after just three years of service (yes, I kept it covered), I decided it was time to step up to a better outdoor cooking station. Yet, at the same time, I wasn’t willing to pony up for the 4-figure price tag of the Webers and other premium grills. My other prerequisites were that it had 4 burners and a side burner.

As usual, I did some hardcore research, both, online and in person and found that the old adage, “They don’t make ’em like they used to” really held true. Especially, in the low to mid price range. The hoods were light and flimsy, the burners made of cheap Chinese aluminum, and the casting of the fire boxes was shoddy, at best. No wonder most grills don’t make it through more than a few seasons of use anymore.

Then, I stumbled upon the Broil King line while walking through my local Lowe’s store. After feeling the made in the USA and Canada quality, and later discovering that Broil King was made by the same company that has been the sole Weber distributer north of the border since 1986 and producer of the renowned Broil-Mate line since 1989, I decided to take the plunge on their Broil King Baron 440. In fact, my first thought was that it looked like a Weber on steroids … more on that shortly.

Putting together a Broil King Baron 440Being a hands-on type of Neanderthal, I opted to save the $50 offer for store assembly and put it together myself. I unpacked the box and followed the easy directions. Although, the instructions stated it was a two-person job, I found it to be quite easy flying solo – EXCEPT when mounting the cast iron firebox onto the cart frame! That really needs a second person to do it properly, safely, and without damaging your new grill. Total assembly time was 2 hours. Though, an added pair of Cavehands for the entire process would have reduced that a bit.

Features of Broil King Baron 440By putting it together, I really got to appreciate some of the features and appointments of this bad boy. The recessed 10,000 BTU side-burner, which closes flush with the shelf giving you added workspace when not in use, comes near flush when open allowing for the use of bigger pots and pans than other grills can fit. The thermometer, which in my tests was very accurate, is large and ergonomically embedded into the Broil King logo. The locking casters also come with adjustable leveling feet, which is great for uneven surfaces under the grill. All the components of the Baron 440 fit and sit well, coming together flush, to give it a rock solid appearance and feel.

Appointments of the Broil King Baron 440The hood has that Weber-like high profile giving you extra headroom for things like Beer Can Chicken and Standing Rib Roasts. Both, the burner shelf and the side shelf fold down making storage and transportation a breeze. The knobs are large and smooth for ease of operation, and the handles are all over-sized and strong for years of trouble free service. With the 40,000 BTU stainless steel Dual-Tube burner system, Stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system (which reduces flare-ups very well), and Sure-Lite electronic ignition system (which can light any or all of the four burners), I feel like the innards of this grill won’t implode any time soon. Plus, with the stunning mix of black porcelain enamel on the hood; black powder coat on the doors; and stainless steel on the shelves, front panel, and hood/shelf bolts; the Baron 440 is pretty easy on the eyes.

Food Cooking on the Broil King Baron 440I know what you’re saying, “Cave, it sounds great. But, how does that baby cook?!?!?”. In a word, amazing! After seasoning the heavy duty cast iron grates as suggested, I threw on some Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burgers for the first go. I figured, if I was going to mess anything up, it might as well be on a burger instead of a steak. Though, the grill performed flawlessly – firing right up, heating up quickly, and squelching any of the flare ups you can often get with ground meat. By the way, the burgers came out perfectly, as did the caramelized onions I did on the side burner. The next time out, I went for a dish that called for a little more finesse from the Baron 440 … some Cedar Plank Teriockeye Salmon. Again, the grill worked phenomenally well, cooking the fish to moist juicy excellence, and the rice pilaf on the side burner was done just right. When it was time for a Steak ala Cave and baked potato dinner, the Broil King heated up to 650° in short order, seared the sirloins flawlessly, and baked the spuds to perfection on the porcelain coated warming rack. I’ve since done everything from Tri-Tip to BBQ Chicken and Ribs (all done with indirect heat, and a cast iron smoker box I added), and Kabobs to Galbi (requiring consistent, even heat across the cooking surface), and I can honestly say that this grill does it all and makes outdoor cooking a true pleasure.

Available in both Natural Gas and LP versions. With 664 square inches of cooking area (444 sq. in. primary area) you have plenty of room to cook for friends and/or extended family. Or, if you have a more intimate meal planned, you can light just one or two of the burners and get your groove on. Throw in the Lifetime Warranty on the cast aluminium components, 5 Year Warranty on the burner system, and 2 Year Warranty on all remaining parts and paint, you have a grilling machine you’ll be able to depend on for years to come. I highly recommend the Broil King Baron 440 Grill.

MSRP – $599, seen online as low as $449

Cave Club Rating: 5 Clubs
Cave ClubCave ClubCave ClubCave ClubCave Club

Cave Club Scale
5 Clubs = The Missing Link
4 Clubs = Rock Solid
3 Clubs = Better Than Sharp Stick
2 Clubs = Not Fully Evolved
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42 Responses to “REVIEW: Broil King Baron 440 Grill”

  1. Chris said

    I give your rating system 5 stars! Hilarious but on point. Great review and I’m craving one of those burgers now.

  2. Leo Jones said

    Leo said
    Excellent review. Positive, thoughtful, impressive knowledge of your subject matter. Looking forward to more of your reviews. (Not to mention your culinary skills).

  3. Barbara U said

    I think I really need to have a taste test before I’m convinced…..
    What would you say to someone who is stuck on charcoal due to the flavor

    • Try adding a smoker box, Barbara. While I agree that charcoal adds a distinctive flavor, the convenience of gas, together with the flavor enhancement of a smoker box, makes for a worthwhile alternative.

  4. Jimmy said

    I wish I lived closer to you!
    Great review!
    Jimmy’s on fire now!

  5. Phil said

    Great review! Would you know how much the Broil King Baron 440 Grill is if you get it for its natural gas counterpart? I was thinking if the price difference between the propane and its natural gas grill, then it’d be a better investment to go with a natural gas.

    • Thanks, Phil! From what I can see, the NG version is $50 more ($100 more for NG and SS).
      Being that my cave is in earthquake territory, I have seen NG supplies (along with electricity and water) cutoff in the past. Hence, the propane 5 gallon tank version comes in very handy when a major tremblor strikes.

  6. Thanks for the review! I was pretty convinced that my only options were Weber or crap until this baby caught my eye at Lowe’s yesterday. After reading your review I’m totally sold. Can’t wait!

  7. John said

    My Weber Genesis Silver finally crapped out after 10 years of use. It was a decent grill, but flare ups were definitely a problem, and it required close supervision. As I searched for its replacement, I looked at Weber’s of course, but was not impressed with their advancements. That being, the new ones look to be about the same as the one that I bought 10 years ago, other than what appear to be some rather cosmetic changes, and ya’, a hefty price to boot. I also considered the Char-Broil Commercial series. A relative of mine has one, and they do produce great results. However, they do appear to leave a lot to be desired in the durability department. I really didn’t know much about Broil-King grills, but from the Baron on up, I really liked what I saw. Then, there was review after review gave them glowing remarks, for quality, ease/excellent cooking results, AND durability. Imo, it’s like taking the best of Weber, combining it with that of Char-Broil as well, and wallah, a better, durable, more affordable, and versatile grill is born in the Broil-King Baron. I also bought the 440 model, and it is due to be delivered next week. I’m very much looking forward to using it, and appreciate articles like yours, that confirm my decision to go with this beauty of a hybrid, and made in North America ta’ boot. Who says that Canadian and Americans can’t make quality products at a reasonable price?! Bam!, this one looks to have “Got er’ done!”, NICE!!!

  8. JellyBean said

    Does having a fire box mean that this grill is gas/smoker combo. We have a charcoal grill, but sometimes I would like a nice steak on a gas grill, however, my husband is into smoking lately. Does Broil King make a combo like this, a gas grill with an offset fire box for smoking?

  9. Zman said

    Hi Cave – thanks for the review. I’m inches from pulling the trigger on this unit ( in NG config) and I’m wondering if you have had any issues pop up since your purchase? Some reviewers complain about the doors being difficult and one dude even melted off the knobs. Anything happen that would cause you to downgrade your 5 club rating?


    • Zman, I still love this grill. No issues on my end … and, I’m wondering how the heck he melted off the knobs! On a side note, I’m anxiously awaiting their new line of smokers which should be out soon.

      • Zman said

        Excellent! I’m sold. Bought it and Lowes will deliver tomorrow.

        I’m thinking tongue tacos on the 4th.

        Thanks again for the review and quick reply.

      • My pleasure, Zman. We’d really like to hear your thoughts after you’ve broken it in!

    • ZmanT said

      Hey Cave – it’s March of 2016 now and I’ve had all summer and winter to use my grill. We really like it and it’s done a great job cooking everything i’ve asked it to cook.

      If I had to muster up a couple of gripes (and i’m scraping the bottom of the barrel just to have something critical to say here) there are two things:

      1. The bun rack sits rather loosely in its frame and can be tough to get back in place if it’s really hot and you just brushed it off – it can get knocked out of position a little easier than it should. I have a DIY catch plan that i need to try out this summer.

      2. Drip pan – it’s small. I did a double beer can chicken in there and they overflowed the little pan that is in there – chicken fat all over the interior (not clutch) Birds were tasty but the little pan is a bit shrimpy IMO.

      all in all, i’m very glad I have the grill, it’s a beauty, and the side burner is great for boiling water, making a sauce, and here’s the kicker – i use it to light my charcoal chimney when i’m setting up my smoker – now THAT’S clutch!

      • Zman, so glad to hear you are enjoying your grill. It’s been over a year for me, and I still love it.
        Personally, I never have had the warming rack slip out on me. Though, I can see how that might happen. I would definitely be interested to hear about your DIY-MacGyver idea.
        As for the beer can chicken, when I make them, I put a shallow 9×12 disposable aluminum pan beneath them. I place it under the cast iron cooking grids, resting on top of the stainless steel Flav-R-Wave grids. Since the burners under it are off while indirect-cooking the chicken, the thin aluminum won’t burn through, and it catches all those juices that run off. I also think it helps to keep the birds juicy, as the liquids evaporate during the cooking process. Best of all, clean up is easy.
        BTW, I love your innovative use of the side burner!

  10. Bob M said

    hi there – great review! I am struggling with what to do on the grates. I bought the same model as you, but I understand the grates are porcelain enameled, which means they should not need to be seasoned. Please let me know if I am wrong about this – lots of cooking to do tomorrow…

  11. Jean said

    It is only the warming crates that are porcelain enamel, the cooking crates are cast iron. I have just ordered this barbecue, researched and researched, so looking forward to using it. Yes read really great reviews. Loved yours Caveman, good job.

    • Thanks, Jean! Good catch, btw. Yes, you are correct that the porcelain enamel warming racks do not need seasoning. But, I highly recommend that you season the cast iron grill grates.
      Good luck with your new grill. Please, come back and tell us how you like it.

  12. Melissa said

    Well you convinced me. A picked up my Baron 3 months ago. My experience was less than favorable. Yes the grill looks good and for the most part the parts all feel strong and stable, however, this grill flares up like crazy. The casting is too shallow and the surface is quite uneven. I literally am cleaning the Flavorizer bars- flame tamers every other use and I am just cooking for two people.

    • Wow, Melissa! Your having a totally different experience than I am. My suggestion is that you call their customer service department. They are very helpful and are committed to a great customer experience. They, most likely, can help you. Though, I must say, any grill can have flare-ups. I have found that the Baron 440 controls most of them when they do happen (mostly on fatty meats at high temps).
      In the meantime, let me ask, what are you cooking? And, how high a temp are you cooking it at?

  13. […] will love this gas grill because it is solidly constructed and provides stellar performance as well a versatile grilling […]

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  15. Damon said

    Standing in Lowe’s reading your review sold me. Bought and will be cooking on it tonight. Thank you sir

    • Damon, all I can say is that, 20 months later, I still love it. I’m out there grilling on it 3-4 times a week, on average … and, it still runs like a champ. When it gets hot out, and we don’t want to turn on the oven or stove, I’m cooking complete dinners on that puppy. No signs of rust or deterioration. What else do you want?
      Hope you get the same joy out of yours. Let us know how it goes.

  16. Dave said

    I just purchased this from Lowe’s yesterday to be delivered today. We’ll probably throw a couple of steaks on this evening. I’ll let you know my impressions later on. I’m curious on how you cook a beer can chicken.

  17. Jim said

    Great review. Any rust on the unit. Seems to be a constant complaint on other reviews on Amazon or Lowes site

    • Thanks, Jim. I’ve had my 440 for over two years and see no signs of rust, to this point. Granted, I keep it covered when not in use, and live in So Cal which has been pretty dry until this Winter. But, so far, so good.

  18. Wayne FOX said

    i purchased broil king baron from lowes took three bbqs before i could get one that all burners worked once home and working can’t say enough on how well it works..Oringinal cast iron grills rusted out in one year even with grills seasoned as per video and bbq covered.warranty covered new grills ,but these have also rusted out after ayear spoke with customer service and its basically sorry about your luck.To buy new grills are$44 a piece x 4.just can.t believe they are selling these bbq with the same defected grills so i guess if you want a great working bbq that you have to replace your grills every year at $225 a pop this grill is for you

    • So sorry to hear about your experience, Wayne. Though, I must say, it is the exact opposite of what I have experienced with the Baron 440. I am more than two and a half years into this grill and have had none of the issues you have had with the burners or the grates.

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