Caution: Caveman Cooking

Recipes so easy, even a … Well, you know!

Cave’s Faves

Click the links below to read about some of our favorite places to consume, or shop for, a great culinary experience. No negative reviews here … just the spots where we like to stop, drop, and shop.


3 Responses to “Cave’s Faves”

  1. Vendela said

    Nate N Al’s is a salt fest — even their tuna fish is overly salted. And Marty’s? I liked it the first two times, then the last burger I had was Baaaaaaaaaddddd, tasteless and yucky. Kaya Sushi is very nice however, elegant and good food. Sorry to be a debbie downer but there are better restuarants…

  2. Vendela said

    Ask me about my last visit to Nate N Al’s next time I see you…I ate half a brisket sandwish and a cup of matzo ball soup and my left ankle swelled in a hlaf hour to nearly the size of a volleyball! This was no single grain of salt!!!! LOL…

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