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Marty’s Burgers

If you’ve lived in or visited Southern California you’ve probably heard of or even patronized an Original Tommy’s Burgers … and, hopefully, experienced a late night Chili Burger run to THE original location at Beverly and Rampart near downtown LA. It’s definitely worth trying in order to get a taste of some legendary street food, and great people watching, in the City of Angels.
But, if you are in search of the BEST Chili Burger in town, then you have to head to West LA, before 6 pm, and order up a Double Chili Cheese Burger from Marty’s Burgers, located at the corner of Pico and Prosser between the Fire Station and the Shell Station. The flavor combination of a Marty’s DCCB may be one of the Universe’s true gifts to taste buds. Between the quality of their fresh (never frozen) hamburger meat, the freshness of the veggies, and the incredible flavor of their beanless chili, it just can’t be beat. I order mine with grilled onions and a little extra chili. (Sorry about the picture quality … I only had my phone camera today. Oh … and, sorry about the big bite taken out of it … I just couldn’t wait!)
You would think that the DCCB would be their claim to fame. Actually, however, they are the inventor of the “The Combo”, where they take a butterflied hotdog and place it on top of your hamburger. While it is another phenomenal version of the versatile hamburger, I just can’t seem to get off of the Chili drenched rendition. Marty’s also has plenty of other popular menu items including turkey, pastrami, tuna and grilled chicken breast sandwiches; assorted sausages and dogs; turkey and veggie burgers; and, some of the best french fries in LA.
Next time you are wandering around the Westside, wondering what to eat, make a Marty’s run. Though, I must warn you that if you do, you’ll be pining for them to be open late while heading to Tommy’s at 2 in the morning!

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5 Responses to “Marty’s Burgers”

  1. boredcook said

    Never been to L.A. but after your cheeseburger post the other day, and the picture of this one today, I’m really thinking of flying out there. And I want a burger. Bad!

    Fridays are usually our easy take-out or have something simple night for dinner. Maybe some burgers are on the menu. Living in NY makes no difference to us…we are the crazy people that still use our BBQ out on the deck, freezing our butts off, in the middle of winter.

    Just a fun fact. Did you know that sometimes the best cure for a hangover is a greasey cheeseburger? Personally, I have no idea if that could be true or not. I just know that “other” people have told me it’s true. I’m just sayin’.

    Have a great day!

    • It hasn’t been very warm in LA the past few days, so you may feel right at home (weather-wise) if you come out here! 😉
      Give my grandfather’s burger recipe a go … I think it will do the trick for you.
      Not surprised about a Cheeseburger being a hangover cure. That’s probably why so many folks head to Tommy’s for a Chili Cheese Burger at 2 in the morning. lol
      Another good late-night hangover cure near you in NYC is the Gyros cart at 53rd St. & 6th Ave. If you haven’t checked it out, you have to go!

      • boredcook said

        We are heading into the city in two weeks to do our annual “let’s see the tree, push our way through people and then head over to China Town for some Peking Duck” trip.

        My husband and I love Greek food. Every year, the first weekend in June, the Greek Church near where I grew up hosts a huge Greek fair. We’ve been going for years and the food is to die for.

        We had a great little Greek food stand that this guy owned in the indoor flea market. He was there for years and for $3 you got a soda, huge Gryro and two stuffed grape leaves. Delish. Then they closed the flea market and who knows where the guy went. He did big business.

        Now I want a burger AND a gyro. LOL

      • Now I want a burger AND a gyro. LOL

        Now you’re talkin’!! 🙂

  2. I really like this blog. Please continue the great work. Regards!!!

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