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Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen

Nate 'n Al Delicatessen The “Deli Wars” of Los Angeles have been legendary over the years. Junior’s, Jerry’s, Art’s, Factor’s, Brent’s, Roll ‘n Rye, The Stage, Fromin’s, Izzy’s, and numerous others that have come and gone over the years, have all vied for New York Jewish-style delicatessen glory in So Cal. While many of them are fine establishments which I frequent, the clear winer in this “Borscht Battle” is Nate ‘n Al’s located in Beverly Hills (and now with a location in Thousand Oaks).
Whether it’s the sassy veteran waitresses, Hollywood-elite people watch, or the incredibly authentic Deli food, any trip to Nate ‘n Al’s is a fun and flavorful food experience. A great selection of breakfast favorites, smoked fish varieties, sky-high sandwiches, and Eastern European favorites adorn the menu. Once your order is placed with your waitress, who likely is an original employee of the 65 year old establishment, and you’ve munched a bit on the selection of gratis pickles, take a look around you. You will likely see some Hollywood luminary, if not an outright star.
So it was that the Caveboy and I found our way to this culinary oasis as we wrapped up some year-end errands. We decided to treat ourselves to the smoked fish platter (Lox, Smoked Whitefish, and BBQ Cod), which we would split and still have enough left over for two more meals, and a couple of Dr. Brown’s Cream Sodas. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much in the way of stars, though we did see Alex Kingston of “ER” fame. I also recognized a couple of producer/director types, but it wasn’t your usual “Entourage” crowd.
Nonetheless, the smile on the Caveboy’s face is evidence of the delicious food we ate and the great time we had. Next time you are in the Beverly Hills area, head to Beverly Boulevard, just south of Santa Monica Boulevard and get a bona fide deli experience, the chance at seeing a star or two, and a delicious deli-style meal at the world famous Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen.

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4 Responses to “Nate ‘n Al Delicatessen”

  1. JeffR said

    I just had the best idea ever. You should start a RESTAURANT REVIEW BLOG!!! Or just put it on this blog. But either way you should be a secret food critic and then rate them on here! It would be awesome.

    • Thanks, Jeff. But, the only problem with being a “critic” is eventually I will have to criticize someone. I like to try to keep things in a positive tone whenever possible. Plus, there’s enough negativism to be found all over the web. I’d rather just talk about and share the places I love and leave the critiques to the “critics”.

  2. Wow — poking around here this week could become a black hole of productivity for a guy who’s supposed to be sending out resumees (extra “e” in lieu of the ambition required to find that accented one, wherever it lives). When my wife hollers, I’m blaming you.

    This is where I tasted lox for the very first time in my life, age 17! Hooked on the NYJ deli experience ever since. For anyone who may care, I have found Denver’s closest equivalent: Zaidy’s Deli on 1st St. in Cherry Creek. Best Reuben sandwich this German/Irish boy has EVER experienced. Only drawback: no star watching, unless you can time-travel back to the DNC in 2008.

    • I’m a great wingman, Clayster. Put it all on me, bro! 😉 Thanks 4 visiting!!
      BTW, no more time travel for me. Last time I did that, I messed up the whole Space-Time Continuum … remember the whole “Gore Wins!” thing?!? 😆

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