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Chit Chat

Post any comments or questions here that don’t fit in any of the other sections on this site. Feel free to talk about anything and everything … just keep it clean and not controversial (ie. politics, religion, etc.), please. I will also be posting some “off topic” ramblings in this section. To view them, just click these links:

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17 Responses to “Chit Chat”

  1. The Yankees won … and the celebration began!

  2. Kristi said

    Lovely! I am the new cook in the family and am responsible for cooking ALL of the food on ALL of the holidays haha. That turkey looks great- maybe I will try that out this year. If I do decide to do it, then you will have a good review for the recipe;-p I will have to check back here more often, i’m always looking for new ideas. Great blog!

    • Thanks, Kristi! I think you’ll end up loving that recipe. I like to use the Williams Sonoma Focaccia Bread stuffing mix with it. I doctor it up a bit from the box recipe … but it is gooooooood (especially inside the bird).

  3. YES! The Yankees won! I get flack for being a fan ~ live in Red Sox country. And I’ll NEVER switch.

  4. Please “second” our nomination for Best Food Blog in the 2009 Weblog Awards at

  5. We wish all the men and women in uniform, of yesterday and today, the very best on this Veterans Day, and always!

  6. Want to win a brand new, way bitchin’ KitchenAid mixer? Check out Amanda’s Cookin’ blog. Hurry, her contest ends 12/15/09.

  7. Going in for a triple root canal tomorrow. So, I’ll be off the blog for a day or so. Hopefully, I won’t have to eat through a straw! 😉

  8. Heading to see my Mom for the weekend. So, I’ll be off the grid for a couple of days. Though I will check in for comments. Monday, we’ll follow up the King Crab Wontons with a Lamb version of the Chinese dumpling. BTW, they were a huge hit last night at the family Holiday shindig.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Dave said

    I’m always the last to find out! 😦

  10. Hear C,
    It’s me PT. I received a ton of mail on your comment to my blog: You’re A Food Server. Do I Really Need To Know Your Name? I responded (don’t know if you received my response). Would you give me permission to post your comment as my new blog entry this week. This is due to popular demand, I kid you not, everyone just loved it, I wish they’d comment but some prefer emails, that’s ok, I’m grateful. I would post your site as well and if you email me the jpeg of your logo I’ll feature that as well. You can email me at

    Sincerely appreciate you’re visiting my site. Always love what you have to say.
    Let me know about your permission,
    Take care,
    PT & Gabriella

  11. Rick Whorf said

    Hi Caveman, I just discovered you on PT’s blog and I gotta say I’m glad I did, I’m your newest fan! I’ll be keeping up with the notify by e-mail thingy so I can get to your site easily. Love those fish! Hope your move is going well.


  12. Shirley said

    My son Joel 4 and half years old is on summer vacation. Off late he is obsessed with fishing and has a pretend sessions of fishing. So I promised him this morning if he is good(read- not harass his sister) I would show him pictures of real fishing. I just showed him, your pictures with the fish, you should have seen his jaw drop! He asked a 100 questions, how big is that fishy? Can I meet that uncle? etc. You have a little fan! If you were any closer I would have probably sent him to you for a fishing camp.

    • 😆 That’s great, Shirley!
      If you’d like to show him more pics, check out my fishing site: the Unemployed Fishing Club. It is a family-friendly site with folks all over the country talking fishing on the forums. Plus, we have a photo gallery loaded with members’ catches.
      I wish we were closer … I’d love to take him fishing with my kids. If you can, get him going on some real fishing soon. It is a great sport for kids, and will become a valuable bonding activity in later years when getting to spend quality time with your kids becomes a bit more difficult.

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