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Mom’s Club Meals On Wheels

Juicy Beer Can ChickenLast night, the Cavewoman and I teamed up to cook a homemade meal for Yaeera, a local mom of two who had just given birth to her third last week, and her brood. We did this as part of a program our local Mom’s Club chapter does for families with newborns. Each night a different family volunteers to cook for them and then delivers it to them around dinner time.
The funny part is that we just met this new-for-the-third-time mom a few weeks ago when she responded to an email blast from my wife to any local mom’s who wanted the inflatable bouncy the Cavekids had outgrown. Yaeera and I ended up chatting for almost an hour and really hit it off. So, when the Cavewoman half-jokingly asked, “Want to make dinner for your new best friend?”, I was totally game!
I ended up making a Juicy Beer Can Chicken and a salad with some Cavinaigrette. While my wife rocked the Twice Baked Potatoes (recipe coming soon) and her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (we’ll have to coax that recipe out of her soon, too! ;)). It had been a while since we had made this tasty tater dish because it isn’t one you want to have too often … unless you have a thing for angioplasty. So, we were really looking forward to making them for us as much as for Yaeera and family. Twice Baked Potatoes
Everything turned out perfectly and couldn’t have been better timed. As a result, we were able to deliver a delicious meal that was hot and ready to plate. Of course, we doubled everything so that we could enjoy our own dinner of these flavorful family faves. It’s amazing to me how much and how fast the Cavekids eat the JBC Chicken. It’s almost as if it is made of chocolate or ice cream! 😉 I just hope Yaeera and her family relished it as much as we did. They certainly couldn’t have been more appreciative of the meal when we dropped it off. Though, I told them with a wink, “Don’t thank us until you taste it!”. 😆
The best part, however, was getting to work in the kitchen with my best friend and love. Something that doesn’t happen with regularity since one of us is usually playing zone defense against the “short-people” while the other cooks. Somehow, there wasn’t a need for a referee, mediator or executioner. No crying, whining or battle royales … just squeals of laughter as they played in the living room while we played in the kitchen. Anyone know how to bottle that?!?

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13 Responses to “Mom’s Club Meals On Wheels”

  1. Viviane said

    These look REALLY good and I am not even hungry… I am waiting for the potatoes recipe.

  2. The potatoes and the chicken look yummy, what a great meal for a new mom & her family!

    • Thanks, Natasha! You should enjoy this considering your blog name: We already received a thank you note from them that said they thought it was “like eating at a 5 Star restaurant”!

  3. MaryMoh said

    Very beautifully roasted chicken. Very inspired by your good deed.

  4. sweetlife said

    Those taters look awesome!! Glad you could make a warm dinner for a new mom,

  5. Shirley said

    Touching gesture and a fantastic meal from the “Cavecouple”! Great clicks too! “Juicy beer can chicken???” Hope you didnt get the mom and newborn drunk!! Waiting for the recipe.

  6. Reeni said

    What a sweet thing to do! I would of been overjoyed to have this arrive on my table. What an excellent comfort meal!

  7. Glinda said

    What a lovely thing to do! I cannot wait for the potatoes recipe – they look fantastic!

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