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The New “F” Word

NO "F"I can’t promise you that this blog will make a difference in your edible-life. I can’t promise that you will like the recipes posted here. I can’t even promise that I’ll make any sense. There is one promise, though, that I can make with absolute certainty. I swear, on a stack of Apple Pancakes, that you will never see me utter the “F” word on this blog.
No, I am not alluding to the “F-bomb” that used to get your mouth washed out with soap and refers to the procreative act (you won’t read that word on this blog, either). Nor, am I making comment on those in the blogosphere who seem to exercise their right to utter obscenities with unbridled abandon. Rather, I am assuring you freedom from the term often assigned to bloggers of the culinary kind that starts with an “F” and sounds like “doodie” or “coodie”.
Mind you, I am not judging the masticating masses who describe themselves with the term in question. I understand that one-word descriptive terms are the vogue and allow for quick identification in our instant-access cyberciety, and that many find the term appealing. However, for me, it is like Tiger claws on an extra-dry chalkboard! I can’t put my finger exactly on the reason why I have this extreme aversion and I know it probably seems rather random. Perhaps, it is a victim of association with the images rendered by the rhymed words listed above. But, I’d rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil than refer to myself, or any of you, as a “F_____”.
I’m not too crazy about the cutesy feel of the word, either. There usually isn’t anything very cutesy about a Caveman. Although, I might have been able to endure had the food-folk descriptive term been “Cookie” or, maybe, even “Chefie”. Still, the commonly accepted term just isn’t acceptable to me. Call me quirky, call me intolerant, call me a Neanderthal. I realize that I am probably flying solo on a very tight line with this stance. But, in the infamous words of Popeye, “I yam, what I yam!”. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you do end up using the “F_____” word around here … I won’t wash your mouth out with soap! 😉

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27 Responses to “The New “F” Word”

  1. Shirley said

    Fooofooooofoooooooodddddd(screach… halt)! We call it “flooding” in therapy. But I’ll spare you.

  2. Vendela said

    Chefie??!! yuck — worse than foodie to me, and downplays your caveman demeanor!!!

  3. Claudia said

    I confess to having used the term. People know instantly what you are talking about. As a writer. I should probably be a wee bit more creative…. fun post!

  4. Viviane said

    Hahahaha! Weird how words can appeal to us or just make us cringe. I understand your stance here, since one day I fell in love with an Italian word in a song called Caruso, and which I heard from Andrea Bocelli. The word is affogare and it means to drown, I liked it so much it made drowning almost appealing to me! Crazy eh?
    Although your F word never meant a thing to me. I don’t call my self one really, I see myself as a cooking lover or maybe as a cook.

  5. Marina said

    What inspired this post? lol

  6. You are not flying solo for sure I personally hate that word, I don’t see why people would like to call them self’s that. I instantly see a picture of an old lady calling here 1 year old grand son who is running around with dirty diapers, Oh come here you Fo____, Fo____,. Fun post.

  7. boredcook said

    For a moment I thought you were talking about the actual “F” word. But when I realized you were not, I was trying to figure what “F” word you could be speaking about. I ran the list through my head:

    Fallopian Tube?

    Then I read further and it finally clicked. The word really doesn’t phase me, but I get where you are coming from. I don’t personally refer to myself as a “-oodie”. I think of myself more like a desperate wife and mother of 3 trying to find something to cook that pleases everyone without pulling my hair out every night. There must be a term for that type of cooking person. I’ll have to think on it.

  8. sweetlife said

    I truly hate that word, seriously really I love– I mean I live to cook. That word binds everyone together and we are all SO different, everyone has different tastes and different views on foods, I also hate that list of things you HAVE to eat before you die, whatever I just want to perfect my grandma’s recipe…

  9. Sanjana said

    I hate the F word! It makes me cringe… I wish I knew who coined that awful phrase! :p

  10. Mathea said

    I always hated the word “Foodie”, however I will say that the recent use of it by Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock was very entertaining.

  11. Viviane said

    You sure got yourself some followers! Call yourselves Taste-Buds 😉 all puns intended 😀

  12. While reading down this thread, Mark, I was thinking “foodophile” as a possible solution, mentally trying multiple vowels in the middle and the “o” seemingly the best of less-than-optimum choices. Now that I’ve typed it out, it looks way too much like “frodophile”, which for my money (insert tasteless “Lord of the Rings” joke here).

    If I rate a vote, mine goes to “Taste-Buds”!

  13. Love the post—found it while reading Gigabite’s .02 worth. I like the F-word…just not the one that ends with oodie. Whenever I read it I always think of the label as some other group’s movement. Food is too cultural, personal, historic and these days…political to lump it together under one cutesy-poo label. I’ll be one of your taste buds! 🙂

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