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Birthday Burgers & Bass

Posted by Caveman Cooking on May 1, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday. I won’t divulge my actual age, but let’s just say that I clearly remember when my weight was the same number! 😉
Marty's Double Chili Cheese BurgerOne of my birthday traditions is to make a double-chili-cheese-burger pilgrimage to Marty’s Hamburger Stand in West LA … a little classic So Cal food shack tucked in between a fire station and a gas station. I have been frequenting this place since I was 15 years old … and somehow feel cheated that I didn’t know of this place during those preceding years. Yeah, it’s that good! And, every April 30th, it takes an event exceeding armageddon to stop me from my appointed rendezvous with two burger patties (medium rare), two slices of cheese, shredded lettuce, thick tomato slice, dollop of mayo, grilled onions and “a little extra chili”. Even the 1992 Los Angeles riots couldn’t keep me from burger bliss!
This year was no exception, despite the 40+ mile trip and the nosebleed price of a gallon of gas. As usual, the first bite was nothing short of ecstasy, and the last bite pure sorrow that this gastronomic gala was coming to a precipitous end. Nonetheless, I left this oasis with what was left of my Orange Bang in my hand, and a huge chili-eatin’ grin on my face, and headed towards one of my other B-day customs … FISHING!
I met up with big fish guru Mark “Chief” Torrez at Westlake for 2.5 hours of birthday Bassin’. It was sunny, warm (80°), and clear with a slight breeze. We found a few bedders, but they were very reluctant to strike anything we offered, yet were very willing to blow up recently hatched fry that came too close to their lairs. Finally, Chief got things going with a nice 3.5 pound chunk on an 8″ swimbait (picture is on his camera).
4 Pound 14 Ounce Largemouth BassNot too much later I got on board when a Malibu-rigged 5″ Senko (194) got ticked on the drop of a “dinnertime” cast to a dock piling. When the line began to tighten, I dropped the hammer … BOOM! Had an extended fight and several aerials from this 4-14 battler.
I farmed one other, a big bedding female on the hookset, before we decided to spend our last half hour on the other side of the lake. Soon after we got there, I had two nice fish flash on my Custom Cave jig but couldn’t connect. I switched back to the Senko and got a nice 3.5 pounder (no pic) to the net, and then had another pick-up and drop before I had to call it a day … a great birth-day!
I said “Chula vista” to my fishing partner, but not before he bestowed several nice fishing goodies upon me for my big day. Always nice to receive gifts from a fellow angler … they just know exactly what to get you! 😉 Thanks, Chief!!

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Happy 1st Birthday, C3!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on October 25, 2010

Birthday CakeHard to believe it, but this little rag of ours is one year old as of today! Yep, just one year ago I posted the recipe for my Texas Red Grilled Shrimp Tacos, and thus began this public culinary journey. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun … heck, a blast! And, I have all of you to thank for it. I don’t think I’d have the drive or determination to post as prolifically if it wasn’t for your warm and generous embraces.
As you probably know, this past year has been quite a challenge for my family and me. After nearly a year-long attempt, we finally sold our house and moved to an entirely new community. We’ve dealt with a couple of passings. And, we have been confronted by the massive stroke my mother-in-law suffered over the summer. But, when I produce something for the C3 site, I get a chance to leave the daily travails behind and revel in the creative process that exists here. For that, I am eternally thankful.
Hopefully, you have enjoyed the first year of this blog’s existence as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. I hope to continue with many more, filled with easy yet mouthwatering recipes, delectable dining experiences, ginormous giveaways, and the ridiculous ramblings of a modern Neanderthal. Thank you for indulging me in this grand epicurean quest … adventures like this are no fun alone! 😉
(Insert shameless self-promoting plug here) BTW, there are only a few days left to enter our Want Pasta? Giveaway – a $200 gift certificate for Florentyna’s Fresh Pasta Factory. Don’t miss it!

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Happy Birthday, Cavewoman!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cavewoman!
   Hope you have a delicious day!

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Big Weekend

Posted by Caveman Cooking on May 5, 2010

After an amazing birthday celebration on Friday, who thought things could get any more fun and frolic filled?!? Well, they did when Cavemom called and invited us down to the Palm Springs area to continue the celebration. We headed out Saturday morning, making it in near record time, after a stop for the best early AM road-trip food ever made … McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Personally, I am no longer a big fan of anything the Golden Arches serves up, other than this little muffin wrapped bit of heavenly flavor. But, I digress.
We arrived to find that the woman who had given birth to me a mere half-century ago, and who was dealing with that fact with incredible grace and serenity, had created an incredible family luncheon for us to jubilate and enjoy. There were steamed artichokes with a basil dipping sauce, fresh sliced turkey breast, homemade egg salad, and my all-time fave – Cavemom’s Chicken Salad (hoping to get her to post that recipe soon). For desert, she had gotten this incredible Carrot Cake from Sweet Lady Jane’s. Oh my, was it good! Even with the bold reminder of my personal milestone. 😉
Cave's Birthday Cake

The Cavekids and I blew out the candles and we put a flavorful finish on this fine feast. I opened a few presents, which included a couple of great cookbooks I’ll be perusing soon, and got ready to settle in for the rest of the weekend. But, Cavemom had other plans! She informed us that she and Cavepoppa would be taking care of the short-people for the next 24 hours while Cavewoman and I were to go enjoy an adults-only night at the 4-Diamond Agua Caliente Casino & Resort in nearby Rancho Mirage … including dinner at their renowned Steakhouse restaurant. After we swept our jaws up off the floor, we gleefully said our goodbyes and made tracks for our grown-up’s retreat.
To think that a few short years ago this was just a little Indian-reservation casino and has become a phenomenal destination resort is truly unimaginable. Our room, a standard pool-view type, was just stunning. Perhaps, the best “regular” room I have ever stayed in. Spacious, well appointed and, best of all, adorned with little chocolates on the pillows! A huge, two granite-sink bathroom with a stone shower, 2-person jacuzzi tub, flat screen HDTV, and separate commode were all very nice touches.
Agua Caliente Standard Room

After a quick nap, we got gussied up and headed down for our 7:30 reservation. We were given a booth near the kitchen which was fun for us as we got watch how they ran things on both sides of the partition. The Cavewoman began with a wedge salad while I opted for their Steakhouse Salad – Butter Lettuce & Shaft Bleu Cheese in their Brown Derby Dressing. It was amazing, and I’ll be attempting to recreate and expand on it very soon. For the main course, we both actually ordered appetizers. My veg-girl went with Portabella & Mozzarella Raviolis (Fresh Cream, Rubbed Sage, Madeira Wine & Demi-Glace) which were fantastic, and I decided on the Fire & Ice Seafood Tower … for Two! 😆 Yeah, I know it was a STEAK-house … it says it right there in the name!! And, considering my Neanderthal lineage, red-meat should be a requirement. But, the Lobster, Shrimp & Scallop Brochettes, Ahi Poke with Crisp Wonton Chips, Fresh Oysters and King Crab with 4 Dipping Sauces, just called to me. Besides, anytime you have crustaceans and raw mollusks involved, you still get to retain your Caveman status. By the way, it was absolutely the right choice!
Fire & Ice Seafood Tower for Two

On a side note, I know I look absolutely plastered in the above photo. But, I swear that I didn’t have a drop to drink as we were planning on hitting the poker tables for a couple hours after dinner … and, I never play in a casino after imbibing. In case you are wondering, I ended up winning $140! Wooo HOOOOO!!!
Before we could traverse the casino floor to the rounder’s room, a “Little Birdie” (ie. my Mom) had told the restaurant folks that it was my birthday. They wanted in on the act, too, and gave us a complimentary Boston Cream Cake that was very good, but just needed a bit more cream inside, ioho.
Another Cake for Cave

After an incredible evening and a serviceable breakfast at the hotel’s WatersCafe, we headed back to reunite with the rest of the Caveclan. Before watching the Laker game, we went to the driving range to have some family golfin’ fun. Both, Cavegrandparents are excellent duffers, while Cavewoman and I hold our own. So, it’s only natural that the Cavekids have been bitten by the white-ball bug.
Golfing Cavekids

While many on and around the golf course often try to look the part, Caveboy actually has game! As evidenced in this photo, and by the fact that this six-year-old was stroking some sweet 100+ yard shots.
Caveboy Golfing

After the the Laker victory, we enjoyed some leftovers from Cavemom’s savory soiree the day before, packed up the van, and made our way back to the new Cave. We’ve been back a couple of days now, but the smile still hasn’t left my face. It positively was a birthday weekend worthy of a half-century celebration. 🙂

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Big Day

Posted by Caveman Cooking on April 30, 2010

Whether you call it the end of my first half-century, the 20th anniversary of my 30th birthday, or the culmination of my journey to AARPhood, today was a big day. Yes, my 50th! … 😯 It doesn’t seem possible. I feel like I’m about 30. I’m told I look about 40 (I think they may just be sucking up, though ;)). And, my kids are far too young for me to be 50! How has this happened???
Well, despite the complete shock of my chronological age, I really had a great day. It started with an early morning jaunt to Caveboy’s school for the Friday assembly where he received the most coveted award the school gives to it’s students: The Star Student Award. Considering he has only been attending the school for 2 months, it was a very pleasant surprise to have his hard work recognized. Not sure who was prouder, him or his folks. But, I couldn’t have asked for a better B-day present.
Caveboy Gets Start Student Award

Afterwards, I ran a few errands and took care of some business. Then, I headed over to Westlake to do a few hours of Bass fishing. There, I was met by a fishing buddy named Mark “Chief” Torrez, a Pro Bass angler and a really nice guy. It was a gorgeous day, but the fish weren’t in a totally playful mood. Still, I was able to land four fish, the largest pushing 4 pounds, and had a much larger one snap my line on the dock he was hiding under. Most of all, I had a great time getting my line wet with the Chief.
Cave's Catches

Chief lost a couple of big fish before he could land them, but he did score the first buzzbait fish of the season. All our fish were quickly and safely released.
Chief's Fish

Afterwards, I headed home and, as I walked in the door, I was greeted with streamers, balloons and myriad other decorations, accompanied by screams of “Surprise!” from the Caveclan. There were hand-made cards, gifts, pin the tail on the donkey, Popcornopolis Caramel Corn, and homemade Caprese Bruschetta. It was an absolute blast!
Birthday Bash

We then loaded up the van (Yes, we have a van. I dare you to have two little kids without one! :lol:) and headed over to Sushi Yusho for a raw fish feast. Well, for me, at least. The herbivore Cavewoman got her usual Veggie Tempura roll with avocado and Cavegirl went for the Chicken Teriyaki. Caveboy, however, decided to try some sushi for the first time! Unfortunately, most of it didn’t go over well. Though, he did like the Shrimp a lot and he helped his sister finish off what was a huge portion of chicken for a kids plate. My order included Hamachi (Yellowtail), Spicy Scallops, Uni (Sea Urchin roe), and one of their proprietary rolls called the What? Roll (Crab, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado and a special sauce). No, I didn’t bring the camera … Knucklehead that I am!
Before heading home we decided we had to get in on a sure thing … the Lottery. The MegaMillions was up to $224 Million! I was having a stellar day!! And, it was my birthday!!! How could we lose?!? 😆 So, we “invested” a few dollars, and then went back to the new cave to round out the big day with some Cavewoman-made birthday cake and some lotto results.
Of course, on our way home, we discussed how we were going to use our soon-to-be-found wealth. College educations were paid for, we weren’t going to move again, and my life dream of competing on the Pro Bass tour was in the works.
Birthday Cake

The cake is two-toned because the Cavekids aren’t fans of German Chocolate cake (my fave), but love the traditional type. I must say, that the cake decoration was the only “You are older than dirt” connotation that they pulled on me today. No Senior Golf Tour or food-gumming jokes! I truly appreciate being let off the hook when I could have been ridden hard all day about qualifying for Senior Discounts.
As allowed by my rights as the birthday boy, I made a wish, blew out the candles, and scarfed the first slice of cake. It was gooooooooood! Just as we finished up the last crumbs, the MegaMillions drawing came on the TV! And, the numbers started popping up. The excitement and tension was palpable.
Lotto Results

Despite the stellar day. Despite the milestone birthday. Despite all our great plans for our new-gotten booty, our numbers didn’t come up. Amazing, huh?!? In fact, out of all our entries, we got just one number. But, it didn’t put a dampener on the day, the party or the fun of the first day of my 2nd half-century.
By the way, I have decided that birthdays should only be counted in 50 year segments. So, next year, I will be 1 year old and will continue to count until the next 50 are complete. I know this is a new, novel and unconventional approach to logging our ages. But, something tells me there might be great support out there for this idea. 🙂

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