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Freezer Food Fest #12

Posted by Caveman Cooking on February 17, 2010

It’s official! We’re moving!! So, I have been given a “request” by the Cavewoman to empty the freezer before we hit the road. The pressure is on!

Freezer Food Fest #12No, I haven’t forgotten about this icy quest. Between the Super Bowl, Valentines Day, house-buying (40 miles away), packing, and all the other daily endeavors we all face it has just been put on hold. But, with D-day now less than three weeks away it was definitely time to get busy on creating complete vacancy in the ice box.
So, it was with great delight, that I found the leftovers from the Holiday dinner Cavemom had made for us almost two months ago (where does the time go?!?). While there was no Chopped Liver, homemade Apple Sauce, Cole Slaw, and other festive dishes were nowhere to be found in the oversized plastic bag, there was enough of her traditional Hanukkah faire of Beef Brisket and Potato Pancakes to feed the Cavekids and me one more time.
My mom has always given her brisket a double dose of flavor by first dry rubbing it before cooking it, and then adding a special slightly sweet yet tangy sauce to go over it after slicing. It is always a hit with family and friends. However, as good as the meat is, it is her Latkas that are the chef d’oeuvre everyone clamors for. They’re made with shredded spuds, onions, apples and a host of other ingredients that combine to make a delectable tuber disk that you just can’t get enough of. The good news is that when Cavemom made this batch, I helped, took pics and jotted down the recipe … so, I’ll be sharing it in the next day or so. Freezer Food Fest #12
But, for this redux of this fabulous meal, all I had to do was throw the foil wrapped packets of meat and potatoes into a 375° oven for 25 minutes and zap the sauce for a minute. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of frozen/reheated brisket because it tends to dry out a bit. Such was the case here, though it was still very flavorful. The potato pancakes, on the other hand, came out almost as delicious as the day we made them. Topped with a little apple sauce, they were MmmmMMMM gooood!!!
Now, back to the home-purchase insanity and the house-packing lunacy! 😮 If my head spontaneously combusts, you’ll understand!!

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