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Week 3 Winner!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on August 22, 2015

Broil King Rib & Roast RackCongratulations to Cricket Sosa! She is the week 3 winner in our Summer Grilling Review & Receive Series. Cricket will be receiving a Broil King Rib & Roast Rack which we reviewed last week.

Didn’t win? Don’t fret! We will be reviewing and giving away another great grilling accessory from Broil King on Monday (8/24)! Be sure to check back to read the review and enter for your chance to win it.

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REVIEW: Broil King Rib & Roast Rack

Posted by Caveman Cooking on August 17, 2015

Broil King Rib & Roast Rack
This is the third of five reviews & giveaways we are conducting as part of the Summer Grilling Review & Receive Series. At the end of this report are all the details of how you can win the item we are field testing this week. Be sure to read the rules.

Broil King Rib & Roast RackOne of our favorite meals in the Cavehold are barbecued ribs. Doesn’t matter if you make them in the smoker, or on the grill with indirect heat and a smoker box, we love ’em! I mean, what could be more Cavemanesque than meat on a bone cooked by smoke and fire, right? So, it should come as no surprise that one of the BBQ tools we chose to review from the Broil King Grilling Accessories collection was their Rib & Roast Rack.

Anyone that has ever tried to cook up some scrumptious ribs with the above mentioned techniques knows that the only limiting factor is the amount of ribs you can “Q” at once. Depending on the size of your grill only one, or two racks if you have 5 or more burners, is the max you can evenly heat indirectly. Even the smaller round or refrigerator style smokers can accommodate two, or three at most. If you are cooking for a large gathering of like-minded carnivorous Neanderthals, that just isn’t enough. And, if you want to grill up, or smoke, something else simultaneously … forget about it!

Uncooked Ribs in Broil King Rib & Roast Rack.Enter the Broil King Rib & Roast Rack. With the ability to stand up 7 racks of ribs in the same area you are cooking one or two racks directly on the grids, this grilling accessory holds the promise to feed your entire clan. Let’s take a look see.

When we removed the rack from the packaging, the first thing we noticed was the solid, heavy duty construction of the stainless steel rack. No worries about the weight of a full seven racks, or a large roast or bird, having an effect on the structural integrity of this Broil King accessory. We also liked the included rib recipe on the enclosed instructions which claim that the rack is indeed machine washable. However, we opted for the hand wash option and found that some warm soapy water and a soft scrub sponge worked well in making the rack look like new after use.

Basting Ribs in the Broil King Rib & Roast RackSpeaking of which, for our field test, we used three half-racks of full pork spare ribs with tips. They readily loaded in, leaving plenty of room for another four full or half racks. Though, we did notice that the thickest end of one of the half-racks would not fit into the center racks on one side of the ribs. Which does leave us wondering if the huge beef ribs some folks prefer would have a fit issue there. Though, they will surely fit into the end spaces of the Broil King Rib & Roast Rack.

We placed a drip pan under the rack (under the grates), heated the Broil King Baron 440 grill until the smoker box started giving up clouds of apple/alder/pecan vapor, and then situated the racked ribs in the center of the grill over two unused burners, along with six large bone-in chicken breasts. The hood temp was kept around 300°F, which smoked and slow roasted the ribs over a 2 hour period. That’s when we opened the grill and basted the ribs before giving them another 12 minutes under the hood. Even while stood up in the rack, the ribs were easily slathered in some Killer BBQ Sauce. The end result was three evenly, perfectly cooked half-racks that were tender and tasty. The Broil King Rib & Roast Rack also made for easy removal of the ribs when they were done.

Could we have gotten similar cooking results without the rack? Sure … if we wanted to have had two separate cooking sessions, as we couldn’t have fit all three of those half-racks and the chicken breasts on the grill with the two outside burners going. Plus, we never needed to open the hood and turn the ribs, as they received even uniform heat across each entire rib rack. So, if you want to perfectly barbecue a bunch of ribs, while making the entire process easier and more efficient, then this is the tool for you. We are marking down slightly for the possible fit issue discussed above. But, that shouldn’t dissuade you from adding this Broil King grilling accessory to your collection, as the thin side of any rack should fit fine. Want to win one? Look below.

MSRP – $47.95, seen online as low as $39

Cave Club Rating: 4.5 Clubs
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Cave Club Scale
5 Clubs = The Missing Link
4 Clubs = Rock Solid
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2 Clubs = Not Fully Evolved
1 Club = Should Be Extinct

This Friday 8/21/2015, one lucky person will win their own sample of the Broil King Rib & Roast Rack! To enter, you’ll have to read the above review here on the C3 blog and comment below with the words “I WANT ONE” by 11:59:59PM PDT this Thursday 8/20/2015.
Want additional entries? It’s simple! Gain an additional entry when you “Like” Caution: Caveman Cooking on Facebook, and another each when you follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll also gain another entry when you “Like” Broil King on Facebook, and another each when you follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Plus, one more entry by “Sharing” our Facebook link to this week’s review of the Broil King Q-Lite™. Of course, if you already like or follow us on those sites you will automatically receive those entries … just let us know your names on those sites in your comment below. That’s 8 total entries up for grabs to give you a a better shot of winning. Be sure to read the contest rules.
Good luck!

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