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Birthday Burgers & Bass

Posted by Caveman Cooking on May 1, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday. I won’t divulge my actual age, but let’s just say that I clearly remember when my weight was the same number! 😉
Marty's Double Chili Cheese BurgerOne of my birthday traditions is to make a double-chili-cheese-burger pilgrimage to Marty’s Hamburger Stand in West LA … a little classic So Cal food shack tucked in between a fire station and a gas station. I have been frequenting this place since I was 15 years old … and somehow feel cheated that I didn’t know of this place during those preceding years. Yeah, it’s that good! And, every April 30th, it takes an event exceeding armageddon to stop me from my appointed rendezvous with two burger patties (medium rare), two slices of cheese, shredded lettuce, thick tomato slice, dollop of mayo, grilled onions and “a little extra chili”. Even the 1992 Los Angeles riots couldn’t keep me from burger bliss!
This year was no exception, despite the 40+ mile trip and the nosebleed price of a gallon of gas. As usual, the first bite was nothing short of ecstasy, and the last bite pure sorrow that this gastronomic gala was coming to a precipitous end. Nonetheless, I left this oasis with what was left of my Orange Bang in my hand, and a huge chili-eatin’ grin on my face, and headed towards one of my other B-day customs … FISHING!
I met up with big fish guru Mark “Chief” Torrez at Westlake for 2.5 hours of birthday Bassin’. It was sunny, warm (80°), and clear with a slight breeze. We found a few bedders, but they were very reluctant to strike anything we offered, yet were very willing to blow up recently hatched fry that came too close to their lairs. Finally, Chief got things going with a nice 3.5 pound chunk on an 8″ swimbait (picture is on his camera).
4 Pound 14 Ounce Largemouth BassNot too much later I got on board when a Malibu-rigged 5″ Senko (194) got ticked on the drop of a “dinnertime” cast to a dock piling. When the line began to tighten, I dropped the hammer … BOOM! Had an extended fight and several aerials from this 4-14 battler.
I farmed one other, a big bedding female on the hookset, before we decided to spend our last half hour on the other side of the lake. Soon after we got there, I had two nice fish flash on my Custom Cave jig but couldn’t connect. I switched back to the Senko and got a nice 3.5 pounder (no pic) to the net, and then had another pick-up and drop before I had to call it a day … a great birth-day!
I said “Chula vista” to my fishing partner, but not before he bestowed several nice fishing goodies upon me for my big day. Always nice to receive gifts from a fellow angler … they just know exactly what to get you! 😉 Thanks, Chief!!

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A Night To Refresh

Posted by Caveman Cooking on September 16, 2010

Ninja Bass With all that has been going on in our Caveclan lately, I just haven’t had the time to post up many recipes, reviews or tips. For that, I do apologize. I hope to get a few things up in the coming week or two.
As for my Cavemom-in-law, she is far from fine, but definitely on the improve. I’d like to thank all of our friends and family (terrestrial and cyber) who have continued to offer words of encouragement, healing prayers, and rejuvenative thoughts during this family crisis. One thing that I have discovered during this 30 day nightmare is that while we expend boundless amounts of energy helping our loved one to convalesce, we also need to take the time to heal ourselves from the stress and strain of the situation. With that in mind, I headed out for a late-night Ninja fishing session on Tuesday. It turned out to be just what the Cave-Doctor ordered … it was an epic night of fishing and fun. If you’d like to read the about entire experience check out the Ninja Buzz post on my new fishing blog Caveman Catching. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Day To Refresh

Posted by Caveman Cooking on March 19, 2010

Saul's Day Starter

Saul's Day Starter

As you are probably aware, life for the Cave Clan has been just a bit on the hectic side for several weeks. So, when my buddy SoCalBassAssassin (aka Saul) called and asked if I wanted to join him on his 19′ silver-sparkle Monarch bass boat for an early spawn Largemouth Bass (LMB) session on Lake Casitas (near Ojai, CA), my response was a resounding “#@%& YEAH!”. After all, a day of fishing sounded like the perfect way to get my overdone head back in the game … and what fish would be a better target on St. Patrick’s Day than the green LMB?!?
The last time Saul and I ventured out together, I had to get up around 3am to make it to his house by 5am, and arrive at the lake before the 6:30am opening. But, now that we live 45 minutes closer, and because I prepared my BTA Turkey Sandwiches the night before, I actually was able to “snooze in” until 4am. After getting the boat ready and a quick traditional stop at Sam’s, the Vietnamese Doughnut Guy (aka VDG), for a plain buttermilk and a cup of Joe we headed out for a day of fishin’ fun. Until the sun got above the surrounding mountains, it was a chilly 42° on the water. But, when it did warm up, we were treated to a beautiful, mostly sunny 75° day. Though it did get a bit breezy in the afternoon.
Cave's First

Cave's First

At first we saw tons of huge Carp busting the shorelines in search of Bass beds to raid, but we couldn’t find any of the early spawners to target. Though, after about an hour of searching, we found our first LMB guarding the nest. It didn’t take Saul long to entice him with a Texas-rigged Roboworm and pose with our first fish of the day. He nailed a couple more, then I found one just off the beds and got myself off the schnied.
We nailed another nine fish between us, on a variety of baits. I actually wrapped things up with our last fish, who threw in several acrobatic ariels before agreeing to a photo op. If you’d like to see pics of all our catches just click here. FYI, all the fish were safely released to fight another day.
St. Patty's Day Band

St. Patty's Day Band

After cleaning up the boat and heading back to Saul’s, I raced home to have a fun St. Paddy’s dinner with the family at one of our new local hangs … The Alamo Restaurant – purveyors of fine Mexican cuisine in Newbury Park. I didn’t plan on doing a review of them quite yet, so I left my camera in the car. A move I regretted when a 10 person bagpipe band suddenly descended upon the south-of-the-border brasserie. We all gathered ’round as they deftly played Irish classics like Danny Boy and emotion stirring folk hymns like Amazing Grace. While a full review in the near future is warranted, for now let me just say that the homemade guacamole is amazing and the Chili Verde is full of flavorful, tender pork in – what else on St. Patty’s Day – green sauce! The margaritas weren’t too shabby either. 🙂
Best of all, this day of fun, food and festivities really recharged my juices. There still is a ton to do to the new cave, and the VO workload has suddenly exploded, so time is still at a premium. But, I am feeling a constant release from the grip of the insanity that has reigned recently. Who know’s, I might even get a new recipe up on here before the next lunar cycle! 😉

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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I Finally Did It!

Posted by Caveman Cooking on February 18, 2010

1st Bass Of The DecadeI went fishing! WoooHOOOO!! Yeah, I know I actually went fishing once already this year … a quick jaunt to the beach for some Winter surf fishing. But, I hadn’t targeted my favorite species, the Largemouth Bass, since last year – a long time for me. As you might know, I have been totally consumed with the sale of our house, purchasing a new one, and packing to make the move. So, fishing has, unfortunately, taken a back seat and probably will for at least another month.
However, it was this overwhelming undertaking that actually afforded me 50 minutes of relaxing, mind clearing, rod bending bliss in the great outdoors due to an unplanned but urgently necessary trip to the escrow office in Westlake Village. Actually, it wasn’t very relaxing because the cell didn’t stop ringing, as we are attempting to put the finishing touches on our new purchase by this Monday. It rang so much, in fact, that my phone battery folded under the constant pressure. I can’t complain, though, because I actually caught a couple of fish in between calls!

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