Caution: Caveman Cooking

Recipes so easy, even a … Well, you know!

Tools & Tips

Here, we’ll discuss the tools of the trade and offer tips to make your cooking life as simple as a Caveman’s (or Cavewoman’s). Everything from pots to pans, beaters to BBQs, nutmeg to knives … if you use it to cook, or have a unique way of using it, let’s talk.


       Find The Hole                  Caveman Cutlery
       Gas Grill Essentials         Thawing A Turkey

4 Responses to “Tools & Tips”

  1. Here is a great post to help familiarize yourself with some of the basic terminology bantered about in the kitchen:
    Thanks, writerg, for sharing that!

  2. JeffR said

    thats helpful

  3. Need a roasting Pan & Rack for Turkey Day? Then check this out: Roasting Pan & Rack
    A quality rack & pan for under $10! What a deal!!

  4. Be sure to read the proper methods for Thawing A Turkey.

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