Caution: Caveman Cooking

Recipes so easy, even a … Well, you know!

Wine & Cheese

Wine & CheeseI’m no wine expert. The Cavedad, however, was quite the oenophile … long before it ever became fashionable. He would travel to France each year to sample and buy the “futures”, always returning with orders for multiple cases of some of the best wine I have ever tasted in my life. It was his influence and tutelage that developed the palate I enjoy today. I will likely never achieve anywhere near the wine choosing abilities of my father. Nor will I ever consume as much as he did, since the Cavewoman and I only indulge on occasion. But, like all who enjoy a good glass of vino, I know what I like. And, that is what I will be posting here, along with the occasional cheese choice. Please, take my opinions here at face value, as each person’s palate is different. I’m doing this just to share my experiences with the subjects reviewed here, and by no means should be considered the fermented-grape gospel or the curd creed.
That said, I will employ a 5 star system for rating each reviewed bottle or wedge. The rankings:
5 Stars – Excellent
4 Stars – Very Good
3 Stars – Drinkable/Edible
2 Stars – Poor
1 Star – You might not even want to cook with it!
Price will not be considered in the rankings, but will be noted as follows:
$$$$ – Expensive    $$$ – Moderate    $$ – A Bargain    $ – Are you kidding me?!?!
(A “+” indicates a half “$”)

     2006 J. Calvet Saint-Emilion

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