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The Last Meal

If you were given the chance to choose your last meal, do you know what it would be? Personally, I’m not quite sure what my last meal would be. But, I definitely know what my last words would be immediately after finishing it … “That was to die for!” 😆
The meal, however, takes a little more thought for me. There are so many choices and variables that come into play, making it difficult to set anything in stone. What is my mood? What did I have the meal, or even the day, before? What is in season? However, it is the time of day the meal would be served that could possibly be the most important influence on my choices. So, I have prepared a possible menu, complete with the source for each dish, for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.


Chorizo & Eggs Scramble – my recipe
Potatoes & Pancakes – Eau’s Cafe ~ Santa Barbara, CA (Must include their special warm syrup & butter combo)
Fresh Squeezed Orange juice – made with Oranges from my in-law’s tree (No, I’m not sucking-up here)
A dozen Mini Doughnuts – Zelda’s Corner Deli ~ Venice Beach, CA


Cup of Clam Chowder – Gladstone’s ~ Malibu, CA (Oh heck, make it a bowl … this is my last meal!)
The Cobb Club Sandwhich – The Daily Grill ~ any location
French Fries (well done) – Thrasher’s ~ Rehoboth Beach, DE (Yes, they are that good!)
Vanilla Bean Milk Shake – Cold Stones ~ Culver City, CA (Not all locations carry the V-bean)
Chocolate Chip Cookies – my wife’s recipe (Again, not sucking-up)


House Salad with Remoulade Dressing – Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse ~ Las Vegas, NV (The one on Paradise Road)
Miso Black Cod – Ray’s Boathouse ~ Seattle, WA
Steak Tar Tar – Delmonico’s ~ Las Vegas, NV
Sauteed Asparagus – Kaya Sushi ~ Marina Del Rey, CA
Potato Kugel – my Mom’s recipe
2001 Silver Oak Cabernet ~ Napa Valley, CA (Should be just about perfectly aged. The full bottle, please!)
Chocolate Eclair – Chez Carette ~ Paris, France

Like I said, these choices could change on a whim. I might want to substitute my mother-in-laws Korean BBQ for the Tar Tar, a Marty’s (West LA, CA) double chili-cheese burger (extra chili, grilled onions) in place of the club, or my Mom’s matzah brie might be the call instead of the pancakes. I guess I’m just fickle that way.
So … what would your last “to die for” meal be?

©2009 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

14 Responses to “The Last Meal”

  1. Nice choices!To me the Korean BBQ sounds better though. LOL

  2. Astrid said

    What an awesome post. This is a difficult question for me, too. And it would change with the meal. However, I am a huge fan of classic simple foods. I love fancy gourmet restaurants, but a good burger, sandwich, or pizza is the way to go to really make me happy. Also, ice cream needs to make an appearance. And chocolate chip cookies!
    Thanks for adding as a foodbuzz friend!

  3. boredcook said

    Love your blog! Just found it recently, and my husband and I are really enjoying it.

    When I saw this question, I had the answer right away. I would want a table filled with nothing but steaming snow crab legs with a gallon size tub of melted butter. (Since I’m dead shortly after this meal who cares about being artery clogging conscious!) I would sit, crack, dip in butter for hours until I could eat no more.

    Of course, being that this is my last meal, I would leave room for dessert. It would be this fantastic Chocolate Walnut Trifle I had years ago and can still taste to this day. I’ve never been able to re-produce the recipe, but it’s what I would absolutely insist on for my last meal.

  4. Your site is great!

  5. questions said

    supers info, toujours de tres bon articles , merci pour ce post !

  6. Vendela said

    Get Cavemom to post her Potato Kugel recipe….yum!

  7. Hey very nice blog!! I will bookmark your blog and take the RSS feeds also

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