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Road Trip Hit: Taqueria Cuernavaca (Ventura, CA)

Posted by Caveman Cooking on November 1, 2015

Taqueria CuernavacaRoad Trip Hits. Taking a page from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, this ongoing series features some of those little known paragons of road-trip rations.

While the beautiful city of Cuernavaca, Mexico is known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, the much more geographically friendly Taqueria Cuernavaca (1117 N. Ventura Avenue, Ventura, California 93001 (805) 653-8052) should be known as the “Restaurant of Eternal Yum”. Located on “The Avenue” in the old section of town, it is a nice departure from the tourist-rich Main Street district of revitalized downtown Ventura. While there are two other locations (Santa Barbara and Oxnard), this one screams of a quaint south-of-the-border hole-in-the-wall.

Taqueria CuernavacaThough, many patrons opt for take-out, there are still 11 tables available for full wait-service. One of the first things you’ll notice is the self-serve salsa bar, loaded with 4 varieties of the Latin sauce plus several types of hispanic condiments like marinated carrots, seared Serrano peppers, onions, cilantro, etc. Also eye-catching is the cold case filled with a wide array of domestic and Mexican beer and soft drinks … including my favorite Jarrtios Mandarin.

Of course, the menu is filled with the usual tacos, burritos, and the like. Taqueria Cuernavaca also offers a breakfast menu (served all day) featuring the customary Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs on fried totillas), Huevos con Chorizo (egss with Mexican sausage), and breakfast burritos. However, once you see the Chilaquiles (tortilla chips topped with eggs and green sauce), sopas (tostada meets a sandwich), tortas (Mexican sandwich), Alambres (grilled meats, bell pepper, onion, and melted cheese, served with corn tortillas), and Pozole (a staple Cuernavacan soup), you realize this is not your usual Mexican fare.

Alambres El Fortachon at Taqueria CuernavacaOn a recent visit to Taqueria Cuernavaca with the Caveboy and his Grandpa, I opted for the Alambre known as El Fortachon – usually served with Carne Asada (steak), Al Pastor (marinated pork), Chorizo, Jamon (ham), melted cheese, onion, bell peppers a generous portion of sliced fresh avocado on top, and a wad of fresh corn tortillas. Though, I asked for no ham (extra Pastor) and no bell peppers. Meanwhile, my Father-in-law went for the same platter with no changes, and the Caveboy chose his favorite as of late: bean and cheese burrito.

Bean & Cheese Burrito at Taqueria CuernavacaWhen the grub arrived, I quickly grabbed one of the warm tortillas and loaded it up with the grilled meat and cheese mixture, topped it with a slice of avo, and drizzled some of the spicy rojo salsa over it all. The first bite was bursting with flavor heaven, as was each mouthful that followed. My father-in-law eagerly agreed … it was “amazing”! My bean and cheese burrito expert readily exclaimed that it was the best one he’d ever had (and he’s had quite a few over the last year). On a previous visit the Cavewoman and Cavegirl had the potato tacos and cheese enchiladas, and both had similar reactions.

Needless to say, Taqueria Cuernavaca has become one of our favorite spots to munch when we are in the Ventura area. We’ve also tried the new location in Oxnard. However, while we found the food to be equally phenomenal, it just doesn’t have that “dive” ambiance of the original location and does not offer full wait-service. We plan on visiting the Santa Barbara location soon. If you find yourself near any of these locations, and you are in the mood for something deliciously different from our neighbors to the South, do yourself a favor and give Cuernavaca a go!

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Are You Ready For Some Football (for the last time this season)???

Posted by Caveman Cooking on February 3, 2012

Rockin’ GuacPerhaps the most popular non-holiday observance in this country is the perennial championship of professional football … better known as the Super Bowl. For many, the game-time menu carries as much importance as the game itself (and the commercials, of course). So, if you haven’t gotten your meal plan together yet, read along as we share the fare the Caveclan will being enjoying for this 46th edition of the pigskin classic.
For starters, we’ll be whipping up a big honkin’ batch of our Rockin’ Guac. Ripened avocados, tomatoes, onion, garlic and other sundry ingredients combine to make a bowl of YUM! Scoop it up with tortilla chips, pita chips, crackers, or even plain ol’ Ruffles and wait for your taste buds to start doing their own end zone dance … it won’t take long! Baked Brie with Peach Sauce

For those looking to get a little more fat in their diet, we also will be sporting some Baked Brie with Peach Sauce that just may be the food embodiment of nirvana. Conjoin gooey French cheese with peacans; pureed peaches; dried berries, cherries, and/or cranberries; and slap it all on a water cracker or lavosh and your eyes will likely be rolling into the back of your head while mewls of pleasure begin wafting through the air after that first bite … and each successive bite, as well! True, this would never make onto Paula Dean’s new diabetic diet, but that’s why we save this one for special occasions like this.
2+2 Tequila Chili
Not all of our menu will consist of choices from the appetizer arena. In fact, the centerpiece of our feast will be individual bowls of meat, beans, onions, sauce, cheese … and TEQUILA! That’s right, our award winning 2+2 Tequila Chili is the MVP of this edible all-star team. Though, I highly suggest you start cooking this dish as soon as you are finished reading this post, as this is by far at it’s best when made ahead of time and allowed to “brew” sufficiently for all the flavors to fully blend together. However, the chili police are not going to knock on your door and confiscate your chili-stash if you do have to make it on game day. Just grate up some cheddar cheese (yeah, more cheese), sit back, and get ready to enjoy the biggest bowl game of them all with a big brimming bowl of meaty goodness.
Yes, you’ll probably be living on fruits and vegetables for several days after this super football fiesta to cleanse your insides. But, trust me, it will be well worth it. Besides, we have to ring out the football-year in fine fashion don’t we?!? I’d like to be able to give you a few more words of hopeful justification that might entice you to join us for your own version of this gridiron spread, but I’ve got to get busy on the chili … and the quarter boxes!

©2012 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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R&R Pulled Pork Tacos & Gnarly Nachos

Posted by Caveman Cooking on March 21, 2011

R&R Pulled Pork Tacos Yeah, I know … I’ve been lagging BIG TIME around here. Rather than bore you with all mundane, yet legitimate, excuses as to why, I think I’d rather share this delicious combo of American BBQ and south of the border flavors! Besides, wouldn’t you rather have a delectable new dish to try instead of being up to date on the daily trials and tribulations of an ordinary Neanderthal??? I thought so! 😉 These tacos are kind of a domesticated version of the famous Al Pastor taco found in most authentic Mexican taquerias. First thing you’ll need to do is follow the instructions for preparing one recipe of Dutch Oven R&R Pulled Pork. Be sure to start that recipe a day ahead, as you will have to marinate the pork shoulder overnight with some smokey dry rub – we prefer our homemade BBQ Rub-a-dub which was developed specifically for this recipe. Once it is in the oven cooking, you’ll want to get on making the R&R BBQ Sauce, which takes a couple hours of simmering on the stove top. By the way, don’t be afraid to try this sweet and spicy sauce on ribs, beef, chicken, or anything else you might barbeque. You’ll definitely want to top those tacos with some salsa (We’ll have to write up our simple and rapid salsa recipe for you soon … it will make you forego bottled salsas for good!) and some guacamole. Since the Pulled Pork and BBQ sauce cook for so long, you’ll have plenty of time to whip up some Rockin’ Guac. Be sure to make extra, because not only are you likely to be nibbling on some before the meal, but you’ll also need some to go with the Nachos! Speaking of which, the recipe for our Gnarly Nachos is so simple, we are actually going to abandon the usual step-by-step photo instructions and just spell it out for you here. Take a medium sized baking dish or pan and lightly coat with non-stick spray. cover the bottom with a single layer of your favorite tortilla chips. Top the chips with scattered spoonfuls of refried beans (we use the vegetarian variety for the herbivores in our Cave clan), then cover with shredded cheddar cheese. Add another layer of chips, and repeat the process with the beans and cheese. Place in an oven preheated to 350° for 10-15 minutes, until cheese is completely melted and the beans are hot. When done, remove from oven and top with pickled Jalapeno slices, salsa, and guac. If you like, you can also add chopped tomatoes and onions, sour cream, cilantro … you name it! When the pulled pork recipe is complete, heat up some corn tortillas, top them with a healthy scoop of the tender meat and top with guac and salsa. I guarantee that the mewls of palatable pleasure you will hear around the dining table will be the perfect musical compliment to these devine dishes! ©2011 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Grilled Teriockeye Salmon (with Mangocado Salsa)

Posted by Caveman Cooking on August 6, 2010

Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 7
Super easy to make … but, also super easy to mess up! However, if you do it right, your taste buds will be doing a victory dance!!


1 Large Fresh Sockeye Salmon Filet (approximately 2 pounds or more)
1/3 Cup Teriyaki Sauce
2 Tablespoons World Spice Merchants Pacific Seafood Rub
1 Preparation Mangocado Salsa


As I said, this is easy to mess up. The first step is crucial: choosing your Salmon filet. Make sure it is fresh, wild caught, and preferably Sockeye Salmon. While any genre of this anadromous fish would work, there is something to be said about the incredible flavor and texture that the dark red meat of the Sockeye holds. If you can get your hands on some Copper River Sockeye, it’s even better! DO NOT remove the skin.
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 1

Place your filet, skin side down, on a suitably sized platter with raised edges. Cover with teriyaki sauce (I truly prefer the Trader Joe’s Island Teriyaki). Then, turn the filet over so that the skin side is now up. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for no more than 20 minutes.
NOTE #1: This is another step that can be easily bobbled. If you marinate the fish too long, the flesh can become mushy and loose all it’s natural flavor. The teriyaki sauce should compliment this dish, not dominate it!
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 2

After marinating, turn filet back over (skin side down) and evenly sprinkle the Pacific Seafood Rub over the fish.
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 3

Pre-heat grill to a medium-high heat (about 300° to 325°). When grill is ready, create an indirect heat area for the fish and then coat the grill grate with non-stick spray.
NOTE #2: As you can see the spray will create flame ups. Be sure to keep the can as far from the flame source as possible. Also, use short blasts of spray to prevent any dangerous flare ups which could cause you to loose your Caveperson coat (ie. singe your body hair)!
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 4

Place filet over the indirect-heat area of your grill. Spoon some of the extra teriyaki sauce on top of the fish. Cover grill and allow to cook for about 5 minutes before checking on the fish.
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 5

Normally, it shouldn’t take more than 6-8 minutes to fully cook. Fish should have the beginnings of a nice crust on the edges and be firm, but not flaky, to the touch. If it’s still a little squishy, give it another minute or two.
NOTE #3: This is the last step that could end up in fouled fish. Overcooked fish becomes dry and, again, looses much of it’s natural flavor. In fact, it’s better to undercook it rather than the reverse.
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 6

Using a large metal spatula, remove filet from grill and allow to set for a minute. Then, cut into serving sized portions and top with generous scoops of Mangocado Salsa. Plate with your favorite sides. Pictured here with rice pilaf and fresh, steamed New England clams.
Grilled Teriockeye Salmon 7

Prep Time = 5 minutes
Marinate Time = 15-20 minutes
Cook Time = 6-8 minutes
Serves 6-8

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Mangocado Salsa

Posted by Caveman Cooking on August 4, 2010

Mangocado Salsa 4
This ain’t your Mama’s Mango Salsa … that is, if she ever even made it! Delicious on fish, with tortilla chips, or just by the spoonful!! 😉 Best of all, this is super easy to make.


1 Large Mango
1 Large Avocado
1 Medium Tomato
1/2 Medium Sweet or White Onion
1 Teaspoon Fresh Cilantro, finely chopped
1/4 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
1 Lime, juiced


Dice mango, avocado, tomato and onion.
Mangocado Salsa 1

Place diced ingredients into medium sized bowl. Add cilantro, cumin seeds, and lime juice.
Mangocado Salsa 2

Gently stir all ingredients together until mixed well.
Mangocado Salsa 3

Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. This is great as a side dish, appetizer, or just munching it solo! Served here with fresh grilled Sockeye Salmon (I bet you can’t guess what the next recipe will be! :lol:)
Mangocado Salsa 4

Prep Time = 15 minutes
Cook Time = n/a
Serves 6-8

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Gnarly Cali Combo Burgers

Posted by Caveman Cooking on June 17, 2010

Gnarly Cali Combo Burger
Mission: Take Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burgers to the next level.
Mission Status: Accomplished!


1 Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burger Patty
1 Hot Dog (any brand is fine … as long as it’s Hebrew National)
1 Hamburger Bun
1 Slice Cheese
1 Slice Fresh Tomato
1 Slice Sweet Onion
1/4 Avocado, sliced


Prepare one Poppa Mike’s Legendary Gnarly Burger patty.

The great thing about these burgers is that if you make too many, and if you aren’t having a dozen hungry people over you will make too many, you can freeze them and throw them directly onto the grill another time. Hence, the use of some hockey-puck-hard burgers here.
Frozen Burgers

Throw burger onto the grill and cook as usual. Just before you flip your burger, put the hot dog on the grill.
Burgers & Dogs On The Grill

Just before the hot dog is completely done, butterfly-cut it lengthwise. Place onto grill, center-side down.
Butterfly-cutting Hot Dog

Place cheese onto burger (any type is fine, but there is something to be said about the flavor combo the good old American slice gives this burger). As cheese begins to melt, cut dog in half crosswise. Place hot dog halves side by side on top of cheese and leave on grill until cheese is sufficiently melted.
Dog On Top Of Burger

Place combo burger onto bun prepared with avocado, tomato, and onion slices. Add condiments to taste.
Gnarly Cali Combo Burger

SIDE NOTE: Chances are, when you are having a BBQ with burgers and dogs, you are going to have, at least, one of each. So, why not combine them into one great sandwich? You won’t miss the extra bun, and the flavor combination will make you wonder why you haven’t tried this before. The only downside is that everyone who is having a plain burger or dog will want a bite!

Prep Time = 15 minutes
Cook Time = 10-12 minutes
Serves 1

©2009 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Caveraeli Salad

Posted by Caveman Cooking on June 5, 2010

Caveraeli Salad
Our culinary journey to the Middle East continues with a Cali-Caveman’s take on the classic Israeli Salad. The great thing about this recipe is that it compliments many Western dishes, as well. A tasty, delicious, refreshing salad that works especially well in the warm weather months.


1 Medium Cucumber
1 Medium Tomato
3/4 Medium Avocado
1/4 Sweet Onion
3 Tbsp Olive Oil
3 Tbsp Italian Flat Leaf Parsely, minced
1/4 Tsp Celery Seeds
Juice from 1/3 to 1/2 Fresh Myers Lemon
Salt and Pepper to taste


Dice cucumber, tomato and onion.
HINT: Traditionally, this recipe calls for Roma Tomatoes. However, you really can use whatever variety you wish. For this dish, I went with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes for their color as well as their flavor.
Diced Veggies

Chop onions and mince parsley.
Chopped Onions and Minced Parsley

Place all the above into a large mixing bowl.
Ingredients In A Bowl

Seed lemon and then squeeze juice over ingredients. Add Olive oil and Celery Seeds.
Squeezing Lemon, Pouring Oil, Adding Celery Seeds

Gently toss salad until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
Tossing Salad

Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate. Plate with Hummus, Tahina Sauce, Baba Ghanouj, Falafel, Kabobs, Pita Bread, or any other regional dish. Or, add some Grilled Shrimp and turn it into an entree. This salad is so versatile … and so gooooood!
Caveraeli Salad

SIDE NOTE: As a teenager, I actually lived on the traditional version of this salad and Chicken Schnitzel for three months and got quite burned out on it. It took me years before I could even think about being in the same room with this salad! When I finally decided to give it another chance, I knew I had to give it a different spin if I was going to eat it on any type of semi-regular basis. This recipe was the result. By the way, I still can’t bring myself to come face to face with Schnitzel.

Prep Time = 15 Minutes
Cooking Time = n/a
Serves 4

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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BBQ Cod Tacos

Posted by Caveman Cooking on April 23, 2010

BBQ Cod Tacos
Now that the initial hoopla of our Want Beef? Giveaway has mellowed a bit, I can finally post a new recipe – Wooo HOOOO!
I’m always looking for a deal. So, I usually go nuts when something tasty goes on sale and buy way too much of it … this week it was fresh Alaskan Cod! Mmmmm MMMMMM!!


1 Pound Fresh Cod Fillets
1-2 TBSP Butter
1/4 Head of White Cabbage or Iceberg Lettuce, shredded
2 Tsp Herbal Red Seasoning
1/2 Fresh Lime
6 Corn Tortillas
1 Preparation of Rockin’ Guac


Rinse Cod fillets and pat dry. Place them onto large sheet of foil sprayed with cooking oil. Slice butter as thinly as possible into pats, and place on top of fish. Evenly squeeze the juice from half a lime over the fillets. Then evenly sprinkle the TSS Herbal Red seasoning over the fillets, and add a pinch of Kosher or sea salt if desired.
Seasoned Cod Fillets

Heat grill until hood temp is around 325°. Reduce the middle burner to low or, if using charcoal, be sure to leave a gap in the middle of the grill for some indirect cooking. Place foil with fish onto center of the grill and cover for 3-5 minutes, until fish has lost most of it’s translucence.
Cod on Grill

With a large spatula, flip fillets and place directly onto the grill uncovered to give the fish a little grill-crusting on the outside. Just a minute or two does the trick. Take the melted butter that remains on the foil and evenly pour it over the fillets.
I like to give both sides some browning, so I do a re-flip for an additional minute before taking them off the grill.
NOTE 1: There are many ways to heat up your tortillas (a must do unless they are fresh off the griddle). One of my faves is to roll up three at a time in some foil and place ’em right on the grill … very Cavemanesque, don’t ya think?!? ;))
Cod Fillets on the Grill

The fish should easily flake up into bite sized chunks. Place shredded cabbage or lettuce (the Cavekids have been on a binge of the latter, lately) onto tortillas, then add fish, and top with some Rockin’ Guac. You can also top with shredded cheese and/or your favorite salsa or hot sauce.
BBQ Cod Tacos

With any luck, you’ll get a response something akin to what the Cavekids gave these. They had each already wolfed one down before I could even get to the table and take my first bite!
Cavekids Love These Tacos

Prep Time = 10 minutes
Cook Time = 7 Minutes
Serves 3-4

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Super Sunday Success

Posted by Caveman Cooking on February 8, 2010

Caveman & Cavegirl Making WontonsWhat a day! A good game, great food (if I do say so myself), and a fantastic time was had by all. Actually, this Super Sunday actually started on Saturday with the making of the 2+2 Tequila Chili and the Lamb Wontons. Stews and Chilies are always better the second day, and by making and freezing the wontons ahead of time the game-day workload was greatly reduced. My personal workload was lightened even more by the assistance of the Cavegirl in the making of the wontons. I just showed her how to do it once and then she was off to the races making some perfect “Bishop’s Hats”. She was so proud today when everyone complimented her on how professional her wontons looked … and I was proud that my little girl is already showing some great culinary talent at the tender age of four.
I didn’t make any variations in the wonton recipe. Though, I did experiment a bit with the dipping sauce. I took 4 tablespoons of store-bought plum sauce and combined it with 2.5 teaspoons of apricot juice (reserved from the canned apricots I used for the baked brie described below), 1/4 teaspoon ground chili oil, 1/4 teaspoon fresh fine-grated ginger, and a few drips of chili sesame oil. Turned out to be a nice sweet and tangy sauce that flattered the the bold, rich flavor of the wontons. Almost tasted like a samosa with a sweet chutney sauce.Lamb Wontons

Speaking of the Baked Brie with Peach Sauce, I did make a few adjustments to the usual recipe. For one, instead of using peach sauce I made an apricot sauce that just may be a better compliment to the brie. So, I guess it was really a Baked Brie with Apricot Sauce. 😉 Also, instead of just some dried cherries I found a trio medley that also included dried blueberries and cranberries … definitely an improvement! For some reason, however, the oven wasn’t cooking as hot as usual. As a result, the cheese could have used another 5 minutes or so. It still was absolutely delicious … even the Cavekids were mowing on the pungent cheese.
Baked Brie with Apricot SauceUnfortunately, we had a few last minute cancellations, so our menu changed and contracted slightly. Instead of the planned Crab Dip and Crudites we switched over to some Rockin’ Guac with Garlic Parmesan Pita Chips … a little lighter than the crustacean filled creamy dip and a bit more veggie friendly for the Cavewoman. Besides, we had just gotten a new shipment of homegrown avocados from the Cave-in-laws and a couple of them were just ripe enough – using the mini food processor on them didn’t hurt either. I must say that the Fuerte variety that they grow are, by far, my favorite type of avo. They are so creamy and buttery, you just don’t want to stop eating them … which can be a problem. Rockin' Guac with Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips

The Chili is one of those recipes that is set in stone. If I messed with it, even if it worked, there would certainly be a “mutiny on the chili-bowl”. Instead of inviting an insurgency, I opted to make a second chili. A veggie version of the traditional 2+2 Tequila Chili. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get the balance of ingredients right with the lesser amounts of veggie meat (Morningstar Crumbles), which also doesn’t impart the same flavors into the dish that the real deal does. Though, I think that with some tweeking, I can make a veggie version that will rock the herbivore crowd the way the carnivores were today. Regrettably, I didn’t take a shot of the Chili course when plated … yeah, I jelled! 😐 But, if you really need to see what it looked exactly like, see this photo.
Angel Food Cake with Nectar of the Gods FruitBefore we get to dessert, let’s talk about the game. The final score (34-17) doesn’t represent the hard-fought, see-saw battle that this Super Bowl truly was. I think the only people who weren’t happy after this game were the Colts’ fans and the much publicized guy who bet $1Million on them to win straight up (what a Du-mah!). The game had it all: a ten point turn around (only the second time in SB history), goal line stands, an “onside kick” to start the second half, and a rockin’ half-time show from The Who that had the whole stadium singing every song. Not to mention, the end result was sweet redemption for QB Drew Brees, the Saints organization, and the city and people of New Orleans. You can’t help but enjoy a show like that!
As for the much lauded Super Bowl commercials, most were ok at best. But a few caught our collective eye: Puxatawny Palamau, Snickers with Betty White & Abe Vigoda, and the VW “Punch” spot with Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan at the end.

Yeah, I know, I’ve ranted enough and it’s time for dessert. As usual, the Cavewoman was in charge of the sweet portion of our menu. After all the rich foods we were consuming, she went for something a little lighter: an Angel Food Cake topped with Nectar of the Gods Fruit Salad. I don’t want to give away the whole recipe since she promised to post it this week, but it was sooooooooo good with the sweetened fruit and light, airy cake combining for a perfect capper on a delicious day!

Super Bowl Crew

The best part was seeing the satiated and content smiles on everyone’s face when all was said and done. As you can see the food is all gone, Caveboy is out, the Cavegirl is on her way out, and the rest of the crew (from left, Cousin Wendy, the Cave-in-laws Peg and Leo, and the Cavewoman) was so full, they didn’t move for about an hour. Everyone truly seemed to have a great time at what will undoubtedly be our last soiree in this house. What a great way to go out! 😉
Hope your Super Sunday was as fun and flavorful!

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This post originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This post may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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Rockin’ Guac

Posted by Caveman Cooking on January 25, 2010

As promised in Freezer Food Fest #10, here is my recipe for some killer guacamole. It doesn’t hurt that I get some phenomenal homegrown avocados, courtesy of the Cave-in-laws!


3-4 Medium Avocados, ripened
1 Medium-Large Roma Tomato
1/4 Cup Sweet Onion, minced
1 Tbsp Garlic, minced
1 Tbsp Cilantro, finely chopped
1/4 Fresh Lime
1/4 tsp World Spice Merchants Ancho Chili Powder
1/4 tsp Tapatio Sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste


First, make sure you enlist the help of a good sous chef. Not only do things go faster, it’s a lot more fun to cook with some one else … especially if it’s your kid!

With a sharp knife, cut avocados in half, lengthwise. Score the avocado into 1/2 inch square sections, being careful not to cut through the skin. Then use a spoon to scoop out the flesh of the avo and place into a medium-large bowl.

Chop tomato and cilantro, mince garlic and onion, and place into the bowl. Add chili powder, Tapatio Sauce, salt, and pepper, as well.
HINT #1: I like to use Garlic Salt instead of regular for this recipe.

Take a fork and begin to mix all the ingredients well. Continue until the avocado starts to smooth a bit, yet leaving some chunks, as well.

Squeeze the juice from the lime section onto mixture and mix in well.

At this point taste the guac and adjust seasonings as needed. Place into bowl and serve immediately, or cover air-tight and refrigerate until needed (not more than 4 hours for freshest flavor and color)
HINT #2: Reserve one avocado pit and place into center of completed and plated guacamole. It not only looks kind of cool, but it also helps it from turning color too soon. No one likes guac that isn’t green!

RECIPE UPDATE: Lately, I have taken to switching out the chili powder and Tapatio Sauce for a small jalapeño pepper (veined, seeded, and minced), and a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. It really takes this already rockin’ recipe to the next level!

Prep Time = 15 minutes
Cook Time = n/a
Serves 4-8

©2010 Caution: Caveman Cooking/UHearMe, Inc. All rights reserved. This recipe originally appeared on the Caution: Caveman Cooking blog at authored by Caveman. This recipe may be shared and reprinted as long as this entire copyright message accompanies it.

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